Bed Sheet 2*Single Spining Mill Corporate (HGP-A111)

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(HGP-111) Our garment products are hand/ semi handmade which are designed and prepared by highly skilled professionals. Our all products are designed for elegant and smart look. At Hopestake, we put out all our efforts to design and develop luxurious and high quality garment products. Hand/ semi handmade products have Imperfections, almost all work is done by two hands and with many repetitive motions. In this process, handcrafted products sometime have Imperfections, such as: -

Negligible variation in neps / knots.

Tiny variation in splicing.

Anomalies in weaving i.e thick and thin places.

Above are not deficiencies/flaw instead show the genuineness of the handcrafted.

Garment Process & Cost Ratio Estimation

We are keen to provide quality products through finest way of processing of raw material.  Our garment products are being prepared & processed through dyeing of a cotton fibre which carried out in a solution, known as the dye liquor or dye bath. For quality dyeing, coloration of fabric and absorption are very important elements. Our coloration is relatively permanent, which is not easily removed by rinsing with normal washing procedures. Moreover, our dyeing has very low fadding effect on exposure to light. In absorption procedure, the dye molecules concentrate on the fibre surface. There are four kinds of forces by which dye molecules are bound to the fibre which are, Ionic forces, Hydrogen bonding, Vander Walls' forces and Covalent chemical linkages.

For general cost ratio estimation follow the table appended below:

Material utilization                     70%.

Craftsman ship                            10%.

Overheads & business sharing    20%.

Cotton/ silk yarn is produces by the local formers and trading @ Pkr. 250/yard to Pkr. 1000/ meter. Our Bed sheet single consumed approximately 4 Running meter cloth for stitching.

Bed Sheet Single (Spinning Mill) Characteristics

We are using cotton/ silk fiber of premium quality material in the manufacturing process of all garment products (where applicable). Our Quality Assurance (QA) team keep close eye and monitoring during fabrication process at manufacturing level and at the packaging stage at warehouse too. Some of our bed sheet single characteristics are:

Premium quality of cotton/ silk fiber.

Highest grade of dying process.

Incredibly comfortable.

High breathability.

Better weight.

Very low shrink ability.

Low temperature resistant.

Non conducting properties.

Water absorbent properties.

High durability and attractive appearance.

Environment friendly due to recyclability factor.

Naturally soft and silky, so that fabric retains that soft feel.

Elegant style of side piping on bed sheet & pillows.

Hope Caring Instructions

To preserve your garments products/accessories, Hopestake suggests the following simple guidelines:

keep your garments products out of direct sunlight/ sources of excessive heat after washing.

Avoid to wash light and dark colors together. It will help to maintain the original colors.

Always use cold water for washing using gentle cycle.

Always use best quality detergent for washing. It will help to improve the life of product.

Hand washing produce better results.

Avoid tumble drying and try to air dry clothing as much as possible.

Technical Specification

Dimension (Singe Size)

Cloth                     2 x Bed sheet  L 90” Inches W 60” Inches.

Cloth                     2 x Pillows       L29” Inches W 19” Inches.

Shrink ability         15 mm approx.

Color fading          5.0 % approx. (rich colors only).

Colors                     05x color (Grey blue, Grey black, Olive green white, Off white yellow, Aqua green).

Bonuses & Rewards

Introducer Bonus 10% 120/- 

Introducer Plus 05% 60/-

Token Money/ Biyana (Payback) 00

Hoperks Gift 05/-

Token money or leverage is valid for 6 months, if you don't use it to purchase of your own product or make sales from your referral, it will expire.

Wallets, Charges & Deductions

Network Wallet 680/-  Block Wallet  1350/-  Purchase Wallet 550/-

Delivery Charges 000/-

Services Charges 50/-

The detail of the remaining 9 commissions is available in the system.

Special Note - Colour Variation

We try our best to ensure that all color samples shown on our website are as close as possible to the actual products. However, there may be some difference in the product shades/ color, because of colors seen by the customer vary from screen to screen due to the screen resolutions and/ or pixels.

Hope Values :
Product SV 1
Product PV 3
Product CV 5
HopePerks 5
Service Charges 50
Other Charges 0
Price Comparison :
Intarnational Market
Hope 12000
Other Brands 20000
Pakistan Market
Hope 2580
Other Brands 3500
Quality Comparison :
Price / Services
Hope Fair Price
Other Brands High
Hope No
Other Brands No
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Rate *****
Quality 100%
Values 100%
Rankings 100%
Reward 100%
Services 100%
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