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Happy New Year

Committed to excellence, we constantly innovate to enhance lives and earnings. Our goal is to offer extraordinary products and opportunities, empowering you to upgrade your lifestyle.

Our Industry

“The industry in which independent-agents serve as Independent Business Owner (IBOs) of multiple products and services and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other IBOs.”

Property Management

We have a dedicated Property management department to evaluate authenticity of all our panel societies and provide 100% services to our teams/ clients for choices of plots and processing of plots files/ documents.

Strategic Planing

We are moving ahead with strong backhand planning to accomplish our road map and to provide an opportunity for everyone to work with us in a best possible & pleasant environment.

Investment Opportunities

It’s our precedence to provide you a best and unique investment opportunity without spending anything from your home but just to dedicate some %age from your Hope income and become partner in any of Hopestake forthcoming projects.

Smart Products

A wide range of Hopestake top quality brands of personal and domestic use are provided here through direct selling method, so their price is much lower as compared to traditional market places.



Hopestake started its successful journey nine years back in 2014 with proper planning and a fifteen years Road Map. Presently we are almost at mid of our Road Map, completed first four phases and now have launched fifth phase that is Cross Over Market (COM). In previous nine years we have successfully delivered daily consumer products and real estate all around the country. In this journey, Alhamdolillah we performed upto the entire satisfaction of all our customers/ IBOs and fulfilled all our commitments. That’s why whole Hope Family” trusts upon us and sure from core of their heart that we will fulfil all our commitments about our future plans and projects too.

A Best Channel That Togethers Support For Huminity.

Our Products

Hopestake covers a wide range and variety of products which includes personal, domestic, households and consumer products. In addition to all, Hopestake also provide residential/ commercial products of real estate sector too for the purpose of living, investment and any commercial activity. All these products are divided into three categories as following:


Corporate Products

Hopestake members/ IBOs can purchase any product from online store at any time after joining. These products include company’s own brands, any other company’s brand which is affiliated with Hopestake or a real estate product from any society which is available at our panel at society price are defined as “Corporate Products”

We advice you, you call the right decision!

Either you are a visitor here or an IBO, you want any basic information or to resolve any query, you are advised to call concerned management department, team or merchant.


Our Team




Merchant we have


Total Products

Our Business

We have created an innovative business plan that will improve the lives of common people around the country and around the globe. Hopestake has done a lot and is on the way to provide very simple and easy but so high potential business opportunity to common people so that they can uplift their living standards and enjoy prosperous life. We are on the way to elevate Hopestake upto the standards where anyone don’t join it just for living but for achieving corporate level life and can help others to pay his role in social responsibility too.


We are providing multiple options from our website to trade any product of Hopestake brands, any other valued brand or your own manufactured product by using this platform.

Our Services

It’s time of “services” and will last for many decades, and to move with the time we are providing all domestic and outdoor services to all our clients, customers and IBOs.

Direct Selling

We sale our own brands and other top brands directly from manufacturer to customer without intervention of any third party for the sake of top quality at the cheapest prices.


In addition to Hopestake own brands, company has contracted with reputable cash & carries, stores, malls, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, fuel stations for the utmost facilitation and provision of top quality products to our customers. To avail these services, you just need to visit the desired merchant, purchase/ avail necessary services and pay bill as per normal practice but before paying you just need buy a “Voucher” of that amount from Hope App, you will receive a code which is to be scanned at payment counter, your purchased voucher value will be added to your Purchase Volume (PV) and will calculated for all benefits and rewards from Hopestake.

Request a call back.

If you have any question, query or need for our service, you ca put your request here, any member of Hopestake management will call you back and resolve your matter.


Our Services

Hopestake providing it’s services in three independent and complete fields of marketing, direct selling and all domestic/ outdoor services under one umbrella with the aim of a well-organized fight against poverty, unemployment and scamming

Our Merchant

We are providing every need for life through our own brands and coalition with merchants of rest of all needful products for domestic, personal and outdoor use.

Hope Big Stores

We have the plan in our Road Map to establish “Big Stores” for provision of own branded top quality consumer products including grocery and every need for daily life.

My Shop

We are providing an open opportunity for everyone to use our platform and client age, can put his complete shop here for expansion of his business to all over the world.