The Company

The Parent Company Rhythmic Rhino started its successful journey in 2014 with full planning and Roadmap. In 2019 Rhythmic Rhino Company started its project named Hopestake dealing with real estate as its product in re-known cities with re-known and legal projects all over the Pakistan.

No matter how good the business model is, the risk to lose capital remains forever.

Real estate is the only way where your investment becomes safe forever and the risk for loss is zero.

Our years of experience and achievements are the essence that we set up such a wonderful business plan in the real estate industry that is an ultimately a revolution. Anyone can build his/ her real assets without investing a huge amount. That’s why we called it a real revolution.

HOPESTAKE business model enables ordinary people from all walks of life to start their own business with a Little booking. The Company’s members known as Independent Business Owners (IBOs) have the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient, improving the life of their families and communities as well as helping others to achieve their dreams. As we drive from the Philosophy “change Money into Real value Company is all about helping people get into the best shape of their lives and achieve freedom in Life.

The First Tier time span covers 15 years (2014 to 2028). The journey, which started in 2014, includes six different phases and multi-projects of the company and will be completed by 2028. These projects include own brands, various merchants for other consumer products, real estate projects, super stores, hotels & resorts, transportation and if and when approved by Govt.; then banking and crypto to property exchange.

By 2022 the company has more than ten (10) departments and 50+ member’s management team, which is growing with each new project.

At present there are more than 50 sub-offices and outlets at every major city of Pakistan. Those are always ready to provide services to all the people working with us.

The Head Office of the company is located at Islamabad and company’s management is always present with the teams in the field.

Any registration required from National or International Forums, those are available or in process.

HOPESTAKE has it’s own training system that everyone can get benefit from.

How Will We Revolutionize Direct Selling Industry In Pakistan?

For the past one and a half decade, the direct selling industry in Pakistan have been facing many bad reputations for many reasons. Many fake companies have come and gone deceiving the people in name of direct selling.

For the very first time Rhythmic Rhino Company with its amazing project of Hopestake is now going to take direct selling industry to its real reputation. We are going to establish and have approved direct selling laws, rules & regulations in Pakistan with the help of Pakistan’s Government.

Direct selling is the industry which can help to reduce unemployment ratio very fast. It enables a common man to do his business and Hopestake will help even a student to start his/ her own business and be his own boss.

We will not just enable a common man to do his business but also Hopestake will enable a person to step into the field of real estate. Learning and also making assets in real estate industry have never been so easy but at our platform it will be much easier for anyone to start their own career.

According to a study of trading economics, the unemployment ratio in Pakistan have reached to 5% by the end of year 2021.

Our prime purpose is to end the unemployment & focus on the youth of Pakistan providing them a platform where they can start their business. We will do this by enabling household women, young boys and girls to start their own business.

Future Of Hopestake In Pakistan

Alhamdolilah, since the day one, our main purpose is to facilitate our clients in such a way that they can enjoy their life by making their assets first. We have stepped into our 5th phase the “Cross Over Market” (COM). Our road map is till 2028 and in this 5th phase we will enable each and every citizen of Pakistan to start their own business easily and build their assets more efficiently. By doing so, not just we will strengthen the economy of Pakistan but also we will expand our network globally which will bring a huge revenue.

Only by maintaining this shared focus, we as an individual become a successful team and achieve the full potential.

We respect our employees and respect their contributions towards the betterment of the company.

We are dedicated to develop a working environment professionally challenging and personally rewarding.

We are committed to professional development of each and every IBO of Hopestake in such a way that they can excel in each and every prospect of life.

Our Roadmap

We started our Journey in 2014 and our Road map goes till 2028. This is the 1st Tier of our Road map and it will be completed in 2028. After that, company will continue 2nd Tier of it's Road map till 2043.

First Tier:

Phase -1

2014 - Launched Rhythmic Rhino Company (RRC) @, Social Responsibility

2015 - Launched 600+ Borhco Products

2016 - Added Electronics, Cloth and Footwear

2017 - Idea Pitched for Property

Phase - 2

2018 - Launched Property

Phase - 3

2019 - Launched Hopestake Beta Version

2020 - 40+ Societies & 20+ Franchises

Phase - 4

2021 - General Plan, E-education & Land Sharing

Phase - 5

2022 - Cross Over Market (COM), Hope Brands/ Merchants

2023 – COM update 2.0, (150 Products)

2024 - Housing Societies, More Products (100 item of grocessory), Trade Pool/Investment Pool, My Shop

2025 - Big Stores, Debit Cards (Subjects to Govt. approvals), Business plan/ Products revision & updates

2026 - Hope Houses & Societies

Phase - 6

2027 - Hope Hotels & Resorts

2028 - Banking & Much More Continues till 2043 (after required approvals from Govt)

Our Registrations

Hopestake is an officially registered Pakistani company from respective Departments according to the need of Company as following:

  1. SECP - We are registered from Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan bearing Registration No. 0143215
  2. FBR - We are Registered from Federal Board of Revenue bearing Registration No. 6614983
  3. ISO 9001-2015 - We are registered from SGS Pakistan having ISO 9001-2015 certificate for Quality Management System
  4. Security Lock - Security Lock
  5. DNFBP - We are Registered with Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions (DNFBP)

Following are Up Coming registrations:

  1. ABAD
  2. FPCCI
  3. PSW

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