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Welcome to Hopestake (Pvt) Ltd.

Hopestake is a joint venture of trading, direct selling and services.

Currently, there’s a vast amount of interest in part time business. Building a direct selling business is one of the smartest things you can do in today’s economic situation. The global economy is at an all-time low and people’s livelihoods are struggling. 

So this is the perfect time to get in and start building your business? For starting your own Business Hopestake provides you a very low cost, easy startup residual income for you and your family for years to come.

Some important feature of starting business with Hopestake (Pvt) Ltd are:

No joining fee:

This pandemic has affected countless people’s finances, many have had to close their businesses and starting a new business for many it might be very expensive, and it will take years to earn this money back. So most people usually drop this idea due to big investments. However, with Hopestake, anyone can start this business as the start-up cost is very low. You do not need to pay any joining fee or a membership fee, you only need to purchase products of your requirement and get an opportunity to run and maintain your business.

A person can easily start his own business in this industry by simply buying a product i-e purchasing a product for small amount of Rs.10,000/- (approx.) only, and gets the smart bundle of products of his own choice from the Hopestake store required to run and maintain his business or create his own shop by using "My Shop" option.

Business Kit:

Company provides you the Business kit to maintain your business very well.

The Business kit contains Presentation pdf, Business card, Business Booklet and Training passes. This materials help you to manage and expand your business in a good manner.

(a) Presentation pdf helps you to present the opportunity to your prospects and increase your knowledge about company’s plan.

(b) Business card is your Identity in the system.

(c) Business Booklet and Training passes are the asset for you which gives you the complete information of the company to manage your work like targets/ goals list, name list and attending the most important training sessions.


Company offers a perfect and promising business opportunity for anyone who wants to start–up their own business and earn money. There is no specific requirement of any level of qualification. It can be started by anyone above the age of 18 years. You are working for yourself in an environment in which is comfortable to you, at a pace that you desire, creating a working environment of whatever works best for you.

It gives one of the flexibility of working hours and one can do this business even by sitting at home. This is literally most people’s dream, to be able to do their work from wherever they are. Being able to work from home has been one of the greatest gifts this business has given .The setup of Company marketing plan is best suited for the present market as it has highly fragmented retail structure.

Time Freedom:

(a) Freedom from 9 to 5 Job:

As many people want to get the freedom from the 9 to 5 job so the Hopestake business is best for them, if they give 2-3 hours daily so they can build a huge team and earn a handsome amount of money which give them freedom from the 9 to 5 jobs.

(b) Flexible Working Hours:

Hopestake gives you the flexibility of working hours and one can do this business even by sitting at home. Flexible working times lead to time freedom. Flexibility is one thing that is very restricted in the traditional business world. In direct selling businesses you have a lot more control over it.

You get to work on your own time with Hopestake and set your own daily schedule. 

(c) Early Retirement:

Do you want to work for the next 40 years or retire after 5 years of hard work and enjoy life afterwards?

People now have a clear choice. They can either graduate from university with huge debt then get a job, earn a living and retire in 40 years and live the rest of their live on the equivalent of a minimum wage; or they can build a direct selling business and have the opportunity to retire after only 5-7 years.

Time freedom comes when you can choose to focus your time on the activities you love to do and bring in the biggest revenue.

(d) Enjoy Vacations:

As the name suggests that once you make the huge team and once you generate the passive income so you will have a lot of time and vacations and the freedom as well but before all these things you will have to ready to learn the life learning lessons and always ready to learn the basic fundamentals so that you will be able to achieve your desired targets and then you will have the freedom in your life

Absolute Quality Products:

Hopestake offers unlimited high quality products. Our commitment to quality products makes for happy customers and happy business owners. Our products are always of the highest quality and effectiveness where we exceed international standards by meeting our strict standards and the requirements of our customer. 

We sell quality products that people use every day.

Mostly businesses are established to make money as quickly as possible and at the highest possible margins. They try to sell at much higher, less attractive prices to the average consumer in order to be profitable. Lower quality work, produced quickly in outsourced with a minimal time commitment.

However the HOPSTAKE provides you pure and rich quality products help to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk. Our quality products make an important Contribution to long-term revenue and profitability. They also enable you to charge and maintain fair prices.

Multi Product Option:

Hopestake offers products of every category to it's members and customers, so that any customer or client fulfil his needs from this platform, as food, electronics, vehicles, sports, hotels, fuel pumps, houses, real estate, livestock, leathers, foot wear, kitchen ware, textile, transport, etc. In this way you can easily do business and earn money by selling product of any category. Company divide it's products in four major categories which include "Smart Products", "Special Products", "Corporate products" and "Regular Products. There are further categories of these products for which you can make your own shop. Option of "My Shop" is there for you. There is another option of "Wholesale Market" for you and you can keep the ID of wholesale market.

Hopestake is a modern market where you can do sales, services and trading in an easy and effective way and you got vast opportunities of business.

Fair Price Products:

Hopestake provides consumers with an opportunity to buy a wide range of quality products at acceptable prices. Fair price boosts buying intentions of customers and increase customer’s loyalty, thus sustaining the business in the future. Hopestake provide discount on property in different attractive societies, even in a tight market. There is no concept of top in real- estate department of Hopestake. We offer low prices comparatively any other property agent. Irrespective of boom-and-bust curve of Real-estate, we successfully manage and control the prices of all the societies available on our panel with the help of a talented and experienced team of property management professionals.

We understand our customer’s needs and preferences better than most. This understanding should guide our basic business and influence our choice of new business opportunities. We need to become, and are becoming, more customer-oriented and more market driven.

Everything in One Shelter:

Hopestake's members get all the necessary things of quality stuff under one roof with reasonable prices in the airy, relaxing and pleasant environment.

Hopestake platform is a market from where you can purchase everything of your need. Hopestake offers you all those products/ things which are of your daily use. Company add every product on it's store after great research and delving which save your searching time for quality. Company offers you countless products of your demand comprising different quality brands out of which some are it's own brand with logo of Hopestake to meet your needs and company (Hopestake) will provide you daily consumer products of your choice  through it's merchants in different countries of the world.

Company will deliver supreme quality products of your satisfaction in an easy and organized process.

Unique & different:

There are lot of business structures and types existing in the world but one business type is unique from all of these fastest growing business in the world i.e. “Direct Selling Industry”. Direct selling industry has become the Billion Dollars industry in last two decades.

From the day first, the company is famous for every work done by company will be unique and best and hereto what did Hopestake in different phases, projects or income plans was unique and different. Similarly in future Hopestake will provide a unique and different plan and projects to it's partners and IBOs which make it easier for it's members, IBO's to work without any competitors and you will be able to make different people a part of your business.

Online shopping:

Shopping/investing with Hopestake is so easy for everyone. You just have to go on our official Website visits our online store where already products are available with their price and business Volume. Select your require category and chose the product then add to cart your Product. Your invoice will be automatically generated. Our online shopping system breaks all the limited boundaries of old age.

This Modern online system is time saving, 24/7 availability, privacy and security, fuel n energy saving, no forced sales.

Purchasing, Selling, & Earning:

(a) Save &Sum Bonus on Personal Purchasing:

The people related to other companies have only concern with sales process. When they make sales for the company the get benefits incentives and commissions. Here, the amazing point is that you not only get paid for the sales you make but also you will get benefits from your own purchasing in the form of multiple bonuses and rewards.

Moreover company will pay you a specific amount in the form of gifted tokens depending on the business volume on all kind of purchasing. It’s not only a one way earning rather it’s a two way earning.

(b) Repeat sale Bonus:

Every business wants and wishes repeat customers. Distributors only get paid once they have consumers for her products, and when these customers continue that consumption, that makes a continually growing stream of income.

Hopestake provides a lot of benefits to their beloved IBOs in every aspects of business.

Free delivery:

You can receive your products without any delivery charges nationwide. There are no extra delivery charges in logistic aspect. Company is responsible to deliver your products across the country. Products are delivered to franchises and sub franchises. The customers only need to shows their CNIC, invoice number and a code at franchise. With matching the correct data, franchisee will give your product.

Zero/ low-margin activities:

You will never ever have to deal with unnecessary paperwork, regulation, contracts, negotiations or any of that stuff. It’s the company’s job to develop, manufacture and deliver the product to you and the customers that you acquire. All you do is what makes you money – market the products.

Passive/ Regular Income & Fame:

Hopestake allows you to create passive residual income getting paid over and over again for work you did one time. Our IBOs have the potential to begin earning residual income immediately.

Once you build your (team) Marketing Empire (Team), it becomes an asset for you.

(a) Income:

The stream of income created by work of this team is what we call "Team bonus ". Team bonus is a passive income as it is generated through the sales of your team members or people you have brought on board who work under your leadership. Your team’s sales will generate a portion of income for you, usually a percentage-based number at monthly basis. This percentage starts from 15% to 5% and withdrawal limit will be in accordance of your ranks and performance which creates your passive income too. Further passive income is generated as your team members build-up their own teams and create a network of sales opportunities.

(b) Fame:

To get fame and earn more money in less time along with healthy assets and a huge residual income you must do work with direct selling companies like Hopestake. Here you get a chance to groom your personality through personality development, selling skills, communication and leadership training programs and build a huge team which not only help you to achieve your goals but make you famous across the country.

Financial Freedom:

One of the top benefits of working with Hopestake is that it leads to financial freedom.

Company helps you to achieve financial freedom and security through our affiliate system. It offers a perfect and promising business opportunity. Means, being able to earn lots of money without you needing to be there. The problem with a job is that you are “Selling time for money”. This means that you can never stop working because your income also stops. With a business, you have hundreds of customers that are generating the income. This means you can go on holiday for a month and be making more money when you come back than when you left.

So there are many more freedoms in working with Hopestake as many people have already changed their life and are enjoying the things with their family and friends.

Independent Business Owner (IBO):

Hopestake provides the business where nobody is your boss so you are your own boss and your all decisions will make the path for your future, so if you want to get rid of the boss then you must join the innovative and dynamic platform of Hopestake (Pvt) Ltd.

Social Media:

In the world of Internet marketing, social media is a marketing tool where you try to develop an interactive online relationship with consumers. Your aim is not, for example, to surreptitiously mine customer data.

Social Media is like your ultimate marketing vehicle in the cyberspace and a proven kind of direct selling success formula. In real life, finding new team members to recruit can be difficult. But with social media, you could work your way towards building a dream team you want.

Blogging, posting, sharing and tweeting are popular social media marketing tools. Media sharing, pinning, bookmarking, and commenting on social media websites are also popular.

Internet marketing refers to marketing that only occurs online. Search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising are examples of Internet marketing.

Positive Environment & Rich Culture:

(a) Positive Working Environment:

At Hopestake we maintain a positive work environment by developing strong personal connections and working together to build solutions. It gives you the chance to get the freedom from the negative thoughts where you will always have the positive and the motivational environment. Hopestake has the transformative power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse and inclusive environment. Diversity increased profitability and creativity, stronger governance and better problem-solving abilities.

You are working for yourself in an environment in which is comfortable to you, at a pace that you desire. We are striving for creating a working environment of whatever works best for you. In Hopestake you will get a chance to work with truly exceptional people who will value your talents and inspire your achievements. You now have full control over how you manage your working day. An important thing to remember is that you must have a solid process and structure in place to ensure that your time is being spent and managed efficiently. You need to be disciplined that your time is being used efficiently and effectively as time can ebb away quickly. We offer competitive family-friendly benefits and an innovative, people-focused culture.

(b) Rich Culture:

Hopestake has a rich culture with a clear mission and purpose that supports superior business performance. It had highly qualified and talented senior leaders which are fully engaged and are inspiring, empathetic and competent. They are the trendsetters that drive it's IBO's to grow professionally while also pursuing personal interests and passions, meaningfully reward individual and team performance, instill a true sense of purpose that makes all our IBOs feel like a genuine part of something bigger than themselves.


Success in direct selling will come from learning, ability to learn is one of the most important skills to have in life if someone is building a business. Learn about the unlimited opportunities to enrich your community, your world, and yourself. This will help you to become successful in business and you can also change the lives of your friends and family. Become a perpetual student. Never stop gathering information and knowledge from wherever possible. Keep learning new strategies and techniques to improve your personal effectiveness in order to have positive impacts on the life of people around you. You will lead others to success, grow interpersonally and succeed exponentially.

In Hopestake a range of adequate trainings, support and facilities are provided to startups for the newcomers from company. These trainings include:

(a) Personal Development:

The business of Hopestake is a great personal development type of business. The truth is, the more you grow as a person, the more your wealth will Hopestake is like a support group that wants the best for you. It wants to help you grow and that is the greatest asset. It offers entrepreneurs the chance to learn more, and earn more than they thought possible.

(b) Professional Development:

Mastering in a profession cannot be achieved overnight as it needs lots of time and effort to develop and work on knowledge and various ethics and principles to reach that success. You have to follow the steps of those successful in the industry and it will help you to reach your goals quickly. So, we develop our people by providing an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth through process of training and duplication.

At every step, our extensive product and business, personal development and relationship management training, events and meetings help you achieve personal and professional growth.

(c) Leadership Qualities:

You have to see yourself as an effective leader in order to prosper in this industry. And genuine leadership is extremely rare to become one of the top earners of Hopestake and to build a huge thriving business team you must be a role model, an example for other people to follow. If you lack courage or conviction, people just won’t follow you. You won’t attract new people, your business won’t duplicate and you’ll fail.

In Hopestake you will not only learn great sales skills, but you will also learn great leadership skills. We spend a lot of time training newcomers because we know if they do not become effective and inspire leaders, they won’t be successful, no matter how good the product or service is. We equates to an opportunity for people with leadership and team building skills to make a lot of money.

Free Consultation:

Investing in Real Estate is really a crucial task and a common man is not aware about all the complexities involved like illegal property/housing scheme, government land etc. To make a safe and good deal there is need to be acquiring proper guidance.

We not only have best authorized & authentic products nationwide. Along with these we provide free consultancy services to our IBOs & investors. The purpose of free consultation is to create transparency between company & investors/ IBOs. We especially care about those who are going to invest first in their life in real estate and they have no idea about real estate. Our agents/experts have wide experience as they serve many years in the field of real estate & public dealing. They will make sure that which plan which product will be best for you as your requirement. With the help of this consultation our investors/ IBOs will gains a great deal of flexibility in choosing which plan/Product they need. Our consultation services are mention below:

(a) Free & Fair Advise:

As we have various products nationwide from different housing societies so we suggest free & fair advice to our investors/ IBOs that which housing society will be best for them. We provide comparison report of all products.

(b) Legal formalities:

We provide & fulfill all legal formalities related to buy/sell.

(c) Proper documentation:

We provide proper documentation related housing societies. We organize all documentation requirements to make sure a smooth business processing for our clients.

(d) File Processing:

Company has a proper team who specially assigned duties of file preparation, and file transfers for all the bookings and purchasing of plots of IBOs and customers which make work easier for IBOs/ members of Hopestake.

(e) Resale:

We have potential customer who are willing to buy from our existing investors/ IBOs. So resale is so easy with us.

(f) Wider excess to the market:

We have a strong team which is working with various firms & companies.

Incentive Travel Programs:

Incentives rewarded as you reach key milestones in your business. It is a motivational tool to achieve certain business objectives, for example to increase sale. IBOs have to qualify by achieving a certain level of performance, pre-defined by the terms of the incentive program, e.g. achieving pre-set sales targets. Group travel is often used for IBO’s motivation; to engage people, change attitudes, build morale, and embed new values. This might be to address low productivity, IBO turnover, and poor customer service, or to foster teamwork and introduce new products. In this case, a group travel program are created in order to inspire IBOs through an itinerary of experiential activities, which the group share together as a team. These activities are specifically designed to deliver engagement, learning, and action that will translate back to the work environment.

International Tours:

Hopestake gives incentive of international tours to it's loyal IBOs as a reward for extra-ordinary performances.

It is motivational tool to encourage IBOs to go extra mile for international business and services. It improves IBO’s loyalty, excellent performances of work and decrease depreciation.

Travelling becomes a way of our life, as well as a sign of personal development, because nothing like travelling broadens our horizons.

At Hopestake by organizing many integration events, often combined with interesting training for workers in the various attractive places in the world, as it is a great source of fun, relaxation, additional progress in the course of thinking and creating mutual memories.

The best IBOs are sent on cruises, and other luxury holidays, because thanks to a successful rest they can further increase their productivity and earn more. Reaching passive income, they more and more often travel to escape from the bustle of crowded cities to the paradise island or arrange shorter trips to other parts of world.

We run away from chasing money, we want to satisfy our eyes and mind with beautiful views.

Halal Business:

Halal is an Arabic word that means anything permissible and legal. Hence Halal businesses are those ventures that are legally permitted in Islam and suited ideally for people having faith in the Muslim religion.

Many Halal business ideas run successfully around the world. According to Statista, the Halal product market is going to reach around $2.5 Trillion by 2024.

Hopestake is a very profitable Halal business idea. You can sell Halal items like groceries, clothes, supreme quality leather products, household items, sports items and property through the website of and earn a handsome amount of halal money. Everyone is paid commissions for what he strive hard and no one can earn money without performing his duties, hard work are giving sales of Hopestake's products.

The uniqueness of Hopestake Halal business is that it can also be executed from home. The plan and products of Hopestake are carefully selected according to the thoughts, rules and philosophy of great religion Islam.

Helping Others:

Hopestake (Pvt) Ltd provide you an opportunity to help others to live a better life. Spouses or family members can be partners in business (family business).

With the company you not only earn for yourself but you can also help others by introducing and joining them in your team. It’s a fabulous way to grow and help other people to grow and realize their full potential in life.

In normal life helping others is very difficult for 9am to 5pm persons. Because duties and responsibilities are bigger than their designations. So living in a limited authorities and responsibilities everyone is struggling for their own expenditures for living. Then how it can possible to helping others?

The productivity mechanism of company is based on helping others when you invite and join someone in your team he/she will be able to start his/her own business and will be able to earn a part time income. Whenever you sponsor someone it will be blessings for them. So at Hopestake you will not only flourish your future but also helps others to achieve their dreams in life.

Even though we speak every day, most of us have never fully comprehended the power of making someone's day a little brighter. . When you believe in someone more than they believe in themselves, you begin to build their confidence. They suddenly have the courage to get up and get going. They are turned on to the psychology and technology of success and are constantly finding and sharing the best ideas with others so that they too can succeed. Successful marketers are those who motivate, encourage, and train their downline constantly.

Your success is found in the success of others!

What Job Security?

For over 100 years, the reason people clung to jobs was because of security. Today, with more and more people getting made redundant in a shrinking market, job security no longer exists. People are now looking for a more secure way to earn a living. What is more secure? Having one income stream with a job or an income coming from a hundred places, which you get from having a customer base? Today, jobs are now the risky option.

Secure Business:

The dynamic plan of Hopestake attracts investors by having sound securities that can help them build new funds, or capital, for their business.

These securities include not only safe work stations as well as equipment, but also in management's ensuring the workplace is free from all types of violence and abuse. Business security in general means a safe environment for everyone as well as all of the company's property.

If there is one thing we have learnt from the last 2 years, it’s that nothing is completely secure, especially in a worldwide pandemic, whether it’s a job or traditional business.

Having your own direct selling business allows you to have the stability of your work, this cannot be taken away from you and to top it all of your business and revenue generated is available to your kids!

Control of Risk:

People do not like risk and check out to avoid it at the lowest costs. We'd sort of a real guarantee that we are inclined to take care of our comfort zones. In business, you cannot totally eliminate risks, you learn to attenuate them.

The advantage of doing business with Hopestake is that your risk is minimal. Typically, with a couple of hundred dollars, it's possible to start your business by making a small purchasing of your choice and supreme quality product. The initial financial commitment is insignificant compared to traditional businesses, and it diminishes even more drastically as compared to the potential ROI.

Investing always comes with risk. people who do not have the necessary time or funds to invest into a traditional business where loans are taken out, the business may have high overhead to start and unless you have a team of experts there is usually no support.

Hopestake Is Whole Life:

Hopestake is not only group of your necessaries where you can get everything but Hopestake also leave/ put better results and effects in every aspect of life, whether these are your personal development, your social education, selling skills, financial education, national/international tours, your management training, your relations or people of your circle of influence. In these all matters Hopestake provide you a better position in a better and beautiful way.

After staying and working a year in the system of Hopestake, every one properly asses that how much this system has effects on their personalities and lives.

Super Services:

Super Service is our reason for being.

Through a servant heart, we enrich the lives of others and consistently demonstrate care and concern for people. We serve by lifting others up, inspiring others with our example and always looking for ways to make a difference in people’s lives.

We provide full support services to all our product end users and business partners, including pre-sale training and after-sale support services.

If our service standards aren't met, we will often search to find another provider. When a business understands the direct correlation between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and higher profits, it becomes passionate and committed to continuous, measurable improvement.

We believe that putting our values into practice creates long-term benefits for IBOs, customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

Company provides you a lot of other services along with its exclusive incentives. You can get multiple benefits with your business the business card is your Professional identity whereas you can take advantage of that identity. Company provides you the opportunity to get special benefit and discount from their partner companies.


To help IBOs reach their potential, Hopestake has created a smart, easy-to-use IBO support system designed to provide the business-building tools, guidance and unlimited training Consultants can use every day for achieving greater results. And after the initial investment, this support is absolutely free.

As soon as you join, you become part of a team, you’re down line. With committed mentoring and support, you will find yourself getting closer to your dreams. As you start building your own business, you start a team of your own - you’re up line. This team will benefit from your personal support and those of your up line.

Frequently Asked Questions