Our Management Team

Being a Private Limited company, hope has a complete organizational chart as per Government Rules & Regulations. We have a Board of Directors to overall regulate company matters, then an elected Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Managing Director (MD) and Company Secretary. For smooth functioning of all aspects meticulously, at present we have ten departments and 100+ people for managerial duties. With the passage of time and requirement, management team is extendable to meet the need of time.

Muhammad Abdullah

Chief Executive Officer

Founding Father & Creator: Have a 35 years vast experience of teaching, training and management in a high profile, well organized and all over respected Government department which has very long history of serving the Nation. In the meantime played a key role as top leader, trainer and motivator in various direct selling companies over two decades. Mr. Abdullah co-founded and laid down the foundation stone of Hopestake Private Limited along with Malik Naseer Haider MD Hopestake and leading as a steersman and skipper with his unmatched field expertise and business sense. Through his resilient leadership skills, backend management, finance management, selling skills, network marketing powers; making & giving thousands of leaders and achievers to this industry. He is continuously leading Hopestake in bringing new practices and growing the company that it’s sales are rising with every moment and it has become best-selling company all over Pakistan. Along with that, he organized the people in such manner that thousands of them are getting business, changing and uplifting their lives with every coming year.

Malik Naseer Haider

Managing Director

Founder & Creator: Mr.Naseer Haider is in the field of sales and marketing from the age of 13 years. He Started sales and marketing with different National and International companies and has 25 years vast experience of this industry. He is serving the field of Direct Selling and Network Marketing as top leader, trainer and motivator from last 20 years and achieved lots of success. He co-founded and laid down the foundation stone of Hopestake Private Limited in year 2014 along with Mr. Muhammad Abdullah CEO Hopestake. Managing Director has a rich experience in managing IT solutions for the direct selling industry for years. He has been integrating tailored information through the use of digital empowerment and technical solutions for the challenging business processes, significant transformations have been achieved for Hopestake IT management. Through his unmatched leadership skills, system planning, mastering and generating new ideas, public relation abilities, and humbleness has converted this organization into one of the best Direct Selling, Trading and Services Company in Pakistan and now it has become an Ideology and a movement of services to humanity.