My Shop Policy


The company offers all its members the opportunity to use our panel for marketing and sales of their products, for this you have to provide us with the details of your products and after approval from us, you will be required to make a formal agreement with all the terms and conditions.


Following shall be included in the agreement:

  • Legal contract on Rs.1,200/- Stamp Paper drawn from bank (draw by vendor) will be done between Hopestake and the concerned vendor.
  • Product and it's Price must be compare able and compete able with open market.
  • Products Prices are to be inclusive of all Taxes and to be paid by you.
  • Warrantees n Guarantees of every products are to be as per market.
  • Products should have registered Trade Mark and reserved Copy Rights, no unregistered product could be sold through this platform.
  • Products should not be hazardous for health, illegal or officially banned. In case of health and wellness products, certification from concerned Government department is mandatory.
  • Our commission will be 30-50% of product price.
  • You are to provide us Promotional Vouchers during our systematic promos.
  • Services and delivery charges would be determined when finalizing the agreement.
  • Approved and 100% complete products in all respects (description, 5 photos of each product as per our criteria, packing, wrapping, etc) must be delivered to our warehouse in advance.
  • In case of negligence or interruption in services, miss-commitment or non-deliverance of product on time, you will be charged a penalty which will be fixed at the time of agreement and will be forfeited from your BG.
  • Hopestake will not be responsible for product damage during transportation for delivery.
  • After being registered with us as 3rd party business to take our services through legal agreement, company will provide you our Investment pool, Banking facilities, as well as international business opportunities.
  • You will have maintain regular communications with us to provide uninterrupted services to our clients.
  • You will have to follow our Return Policy that will be finalized at the time of agreement.


In case of any violation of agreement, company may terminate the Agreement. Moreover, company reserves all the rights to amend, modify or cancel any part of or whole of its policy, terms & conditions or Agreement anytime without prior notice.

It’s an opportunity for every manufacturer, vendor or a 3rd party to enhance his/ her business by using our platform and client. We welcome and will support everyone to improve your business and hope for the best business relations for life time.

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