Why HopeStake

What if there was an alternative to working 40 hours a week for +40 years as most people do? Would you be interested?

What if you had the option to work when you wanted, with whomever you wanted, and where you wanted?

What if you could decide how much you wanted to earn? …

– Do you really want to own your time?

– Do you want to help people?

– Do you want to be financially FREE!?

– Do you want to have time and energy to spend with family and friends?

If you are looking for all that … welcome to Hopestake Private Limited.

Hopestake is a joint venture of trading, services and direct selling that strives to provide and share the most exciting, demanding and financially rewarding career to all our Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

  1. Low Start-up Cost:

For many people with an entrepreneurial spirit, the No. 1 reason why they don't pursue their business dreams is because of the significant costs associated with starting a business

Anyone can start this business as the start-up cost is very low. One can make purchasing a small amount, and gets the entire starter-kit required for this business.

If you have ever considered starting to your own business, you really know that it might be very expensive, and it will take years to earn this money back. So most people usually drop this idea due to big investments. Here when direct selling comes the startup cost is incredibly low, that it just makes a little purchasing to run and maintain your business

  1. Safe Investment:

When it comes to investing your money, we know that the more learning, more potential, credible and less risk there is, the better for your peace of mind. Our disciplined, time-tested investment strategies provide your portfolio with the proactive service you need to pursue your goals. People are willing to give our product and services a try as it is a small risk to them.

Hopestake has a talented and experienced team of financial advisors. These experienced financial advisor can answer your questions, whether you’re seeking information on day-to-day money management issues, or advice on complex issues involving your business or personal finances and investments. Our advisors are continues making efforts to be the best at explaining and making investments. We focus on helping to make you understand complexities of your financial situation. Your financial plan is designed with your personalized goals in mind. We’ll continually evaluate your plan to make sure it’s on track with your goals and updated as your life changes.

The passion of our financial advisors is to help people from all walks of life find their own vision of true wealth – all that money can’t buy and death can’t take away. That means helping you define what true wealth looks like for you, putting a plan in place to help you pursue your vision and then helping you maintain the true wealth you’ve achieved.

  1. Simple Compensation Plan:

This business does not require any previous experience to be successful, all that is required is willingness to learn and passion for helping others to grow and improve their lives. Company’s compensation plan is very simple and gives a better opportunity to new consultants & business builders for them to get rewarded on the basis the effort that they put in. Hopestake has a workforce that promotes and sells its services and products. They are not salaried but they earn from a commission compensation system, wherein they earn profits on the sales made directly as well as a commission on the sales made by people they recruit under them. Our compensation plan also include additional benefits such as bonuses, Hoperks (free surprising points), commissions, health insurance, or residual income. The Company’s compensation plan becomes more rewarding with team development in width & in depth and one can grow one’s earning potential by simply following it.

  1. Earning Potential:

If you look for returns higher than the traditional ones at lower risks than Hopestake is an economical and affordable project. Hopestake aims to deliver maximum value to its customers by providing all the modern amenities and adding unique features in Hopestake. There is no criterion for full-time and part-time, how much one wants to earn depends upon how much effort you’re willing to put in. Once you’ve set those gears in motion, your business “machine” will run quietly, smoothly, and efficiently so long as you see fit. In a traditional business model, there are limits as to how much one can earn within their field given their skillset, performance, and a few other factors.

It is an open playing field where everyone starts at the exact same level. Create your own hours – Part-time? Full-time? Weekends? Holidays? It’s all up to you. Your success is now directly tied to your ambitions and goals. Once you decide to become a business man, you will be able to market anything and generate the income you desire. In Hopestake, you have the ability to develop assets that throw off cash that generate income whether you work or you don’t work.

  1. Positive Working Environment:

At Hopestake we maintain a fun and positive work environment by developing strong personal connections and working together to build solutions.

You are working for yourself in an environment in which is comfortable to you, at a pace that you desire, creating a working environment of whatever works best for you. We provide you the best platform to learn for personal development, sales, real estate dealing and business growth through duplication.

Work with truly exceptional people who will value your talents and inspire your achievements. We are maintaining a culture of continuous learning and leading to the best IBO experience possible. You now have full control over how you manage your working day. An important thing to remember is that you must have a solid process and structure in place to ensure that your time is being spent and managed efficiently. You need to be disciplined that your time is being used efficiently and effectively as time can ebb away quickly. Our mission is to give financial support to everyone by providing them opportunities. We offer competitive family-friendly benefits and an innovative, people-focused culture

At every step, our extensive product and business, personal development and relationship management training, events and meetings help you achieve personal and professional growth.

  1. Zero or low-margin activities:

You will never ever have to deal with unnecessary paperwork, regulation, contracts, negotiations or any of that stuff. It’s the company’s job to develop, manufacture and deliver the product to you and the customers that you acquire. All you do is what makes you money – market the products. Understand your customer’s needs, preferences and behavior to exceed their expectations. 

  1. Your Business to fit your life and time:

Company offers a perfect and promising business opportunity for anyone irrespective of Gender (Male/ Female) who wants to startup their own business and earn money. There is no specific requirement of any level of qualification; it can be started by anyone above the age of 18 years. It gives one the flexibility of working hours and one can do this business even by sitting at home. Flexibility is one thing that is very restricted in the traditional business world. In direct selling businesses you have a lot more control over it. You are working for yourself in an environment in which is comfortable to you, at a pace that you desire, creating a working environment of whatever works best for you. You now have full control over how you manage your working day. The setup of multi-level marketing plan is best suited for the Asian market as it has highly fragmented retail structure, high brand proliferation which limits shelf-space and massive brand wars both at the trade and advertising level.

  1. Flexibility/ Adaptability:

In the 21st century, companies need to make rapid (and sometimes drastic) changes to remain competitive. So they want workers who can also shift gears or change direction as needed. As organizations have become less hierarchical and agile over the last decade, it’s more important than ever for employees to be able to handle many different tasks and demonstrate a willingness to take on responsibilities that might lay outside their area of expertise. 

  1. Proven business system:

Hopestake has a proven business system. Affiliate Marketing / Direct Selling system of Hopestake is paying out commissions to millions around the world. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Your company has already done all of the heavy lifting and delivers the product right to your doorstep, all you have to do is distribute it by either sales or recommendations. We are committed to excellence in service to our customers and supporting our community.

  1. Personality development:

Hopestake has a dynamic and influential personality development program, which builds your capacities, nurture your talent, develop new skill sets, works on your weaknesses, and transform them into strengths.

In this industry your income will only grow as fast as you do. You will have an unlimited opportunity to grow and become a respected leader in your business and community.

  1. a) Increases self-awareness:

Personal growth depends on self-awareness because no one knows you better than yourself. Personality development helps you work on yourself and truly achieve growth that reflects in your life. When you take time out to work on your personality, you understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

  1. b) Live stress-free:

Personality development goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts. It encourages individuals to look at the brighter sides of life. Face even the worst situations with a smile. You start seeing yourself in a positive light while working on personality development and soft skills. As you keep working on yourself and connecting more with your thoughts, you stop worrying about situations that are out of your control. 

An action and goal-oriented outlook towards life help you stay worry-free. As you develop your personality, you learn to stay calm and handle situations with a practical mindset.

  1. Professional development:

We are committed to the professional development of each person as they progress through their career at Hopestake.

  1. a) Hopestake invests in its IBOs to helps them to grow professionally. A great place to work might offer IBOs professional development opportunities such as training programs, seminars and traveling tours of beautiful places of Pakistan.
  2. b) Skills or management:

Our professional development program stretches people, pushes them out of their comfort zones, and requires them to think and act differently.

  1. c) Personnel Growth:

We endeavor to help our IBOs in the pursuit of their self-fulfillment and personal growth through our training and development programs.

  1. Product Quality:

We firm believes that high quality leads to best results, including high financial performance. We deliver what we promise. Our brands are the visual identity of our business, developing a clear and consistent brand is crucial for success. We offer the highest quality in our products and services. Company offers authentic & Government approved products from all over the country. There is a huge range of products that are trustworthy .It's our first priority that products should always be of the highest quality and effectiveness where we exceed international standards by meeting our strict standards and the needs of our customer. 

The company presents most of their Exclusive Brands like Grocery, Electronics Watches, Jewelries, Garments, Footwear, Health and Wellness Products and Real estate.

  1. Incredible Rewards:

Company helps one achieve their dreams and things that one desires for including incredible rewards, recognitions, big cars bikes and foreign trips. Backing up inspirational words with a strategic balance of rewards is how we turn passionate IBOs into successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Work with truly talented people who will value your talents and inspire your achievements. We offer competitive family-friendly benefits and an innovative people-focused culture.

  1. Recognitions:

When people feel recognized for their achievements, they are more likely to continue doing them.

How would you like to work for a company where your hard work gets regular recognition and appreciation? You can now become part of a strong community of people who all want you to succeed as it directly benefits everyone. This is very rare to find in a job.

Hopestake spends 5-8% of sales on recognition. Recognition includes awards, contests, incentives, promotions and events.

  1. Trainings:

Hopestake always remains in an effort to support and advance sales professionals with tools, sales training, and resources that accelerate their success. Training is an integral part of our company’s culture. We build a training program that supports our IBOs across all skill levels.

Company has a special team of trainers under the umbrella of Hope Training Department (HTD). These trainers conduct regular trainings from time-to-time to train Company Consultants about the various products and their usage. These trainings are done for consultants and new joiners, for them to understand the products and to learn and improve upon their communication and selling skills. Such trainings are conducted at a place/ time which is convenient for all the consultants from that area to attend. Apart from these trainings, Company’s regional teams also help these new joiners in conducting such meetings at their homes for them to start with the business and get the comfort of organizing such meetings in future on their own. Since people ONLY get paid when you succeed, other people have a genuine interest to help you get better. Your sponsors will make it their business to help you in any way that they can. Absolutely free of charge! When you invite people to meetings, your sponsor is doing all of the talking, while you listen. This means typically that you get paid while you learn.

  1. Soft skills:

In addition to the material gains, Hopestake also helps it's IBOs to become more proactive and develops new skills. We not only polishes our IBOs selling skills but also makes them a better planner. Soft skills are broadly classified as a combination of personality traits, behaviors, and social attitudes. Flexibility, motivation, and manners that allow people to communicate effectively, collaborate, and successfully manage conflict. Soft skills are vital for effective leadership and performance management.

People with good soft skills tend to have strong situational awareness and emotional intelligence to navigate difficult working environments while still producing positive results. Soft skills include attitude, communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, direct selling, decision making, positivity, time management, motivation, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

Hopestake helps you to develop the following skills:

  1. a) Leadership Skills:

Leadership skills are the skills required to engage with, motivate, and persuade people to align with a vision, goal, or objective.

We offer outdoor team-building and leadership activities on all of our programs. These activities will help you discover new strengths and confidence.

Leaders must assess, motivate, encourage, and discipline workers and build teams, resolve conflicts, and cultivate the organization’s desire culture. Effective leaders have strong analytical skills and the ability to energize an entire organization.

Skills development is often a key component of leadership training.

  1. b) Creative thinking:

Creative thinking is a skill which lets you consider things from a fresh perspective and different angles. It's an inventive thought process which results in surprising conclusions and new ways of doing things.

Hopestake provide trainings and arrange seminars on creative leadership and innovation where you can collaborate with other leaders in Hopestake and find strategies for promoting creativity on your team.

  1. c) Teamwork:

We believe that believe that highly collaborative teams will achieve greater productivity, higher morale, less counter-productive conflict, progressive better customer relations.

When a group works well together, it achieves the best results. Good team builders are able to help groups work together well and meet their goals.

Being able to build and manage a successful team is a key to success in Hopestake business.

We always explain company goals, delegate tasks, resolve conflicts between our IBOs.

Most people are part of a team/ department/ division, and even those who are not on an official team need to collaborate with other employees. You may prefer to work alone, but it’s important to demonstrate that you understand and appreciate the value of joining forces and working in partnership with others to accomplish the company’s goals. This shows that you possess the soft skills necessary to engage in productive collaboration.

  1. d) Communication Skills:

The ability to communicate with the customer effectively is imperative. Through our training programs, you will explore key strategies and gain effective tools to engage and inspire others across a variety of business contexts. Our professional trainers make you capable to convey your ideas in ways that drive thoughtful debate, consensus, decisions and action for organizational effectiveness. They will help you in developing essential communication skills to become more persuasive and credible communicators within a variety of settings. You will learn strategies, practical tools, and proven techniques to sway a group to your point of view and help you project a more polished and professional image. 

Successful communication involves five components;

  1. i) Verbal communication refers to your ability to speak clearly and concisely.
  2. ii) Nonverbal communication includes the capacity to project positive body language and facial expressions.

iii)           Written communication refers to your skillfulness in composing text messages, reports, and other types of documents.

  1. iv) Visual communication involves your ability to relay information using pictures and other visual aids. 
  2. v) Active listening should also be considered a key communication soft skill because it helps you listen to and actually hear what others say. You need to be able to listen to understand how to best communicate with someone. Without strong listening skills, any communication efforts will be one-way and probably ineffective.
  3. e) Problem-Solving Skills:

Many applicants try to minimize problems because they don’t understand that companies hire employees to solve problems. Glitches, bumps in the road, and stumbling blocks are all part of the job and represent learning opportunities. The ability to use your knowledge to find answers to pressing problems and formulate workable solutions will demonstrate that you can handle – and excel in – your job. Discussing mistakes and what you learned from them is an important part of building a soft skills resume.

  1. f) Work Ethic:

In Hopestake strong work ethic supports and fosters a productive working culture. Our leaders lead by example and motivate others to work hard, it is a part of our work culture.

While you may have a manager, companies don’t like to spend time micromanaging employees. They expect you to be responsible and do the job you’re getting paid to do, which includes being punctual when you arrive at work, meeting deadlines, and making sure that your work is error-free. And going the extra mile shows that you’re committed to performing your work with excellence. 

  1. g) Interpersonal Skills:

This is a broad category of “people skills” and includes building and maintaining relationships, developing rapport, and using diplomacy. It also includes giving and receiving constructive criticism, being tolerant and respectful regarding others' opinions, empathizing with them. This is among the most important of all the soft skills examples because it is central to building teams with a strong foundation of trust and accountability.

Humans can respond more readily to uncertainty, volatility, complexity, and ambiguity, through being adaptable learners and being able to readily adopt, develop, and discard their beliefs and their understanding of the world, when given a new context including team-building skills, communication skills, and leadership strategies.

People often focus specifically on technical skills or competencies when planning their development, but neglecting soft skills can make it difficult to succeed in future positions that require a high degree of emotional intelligence and social interaction (in other words, just about any leadership position).

  1. h) Public speaking:

Public speaking is a vital skill to have and to hone.

Communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. Public speaking is a great way of building personal development.

Effective public speaking skills can help with career advancement, as they indicate creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for the job market.

Speaking at events and conferences is a good way of building credibility. The more well known the event the better, as you can add these speaking achievements to your resume.

Public speaking can also help you stand out at work. You'll learn to speak up in meetings, to promote your ideas, and to present yourself as a professional.

Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. With public speaking, you can influence the world around you. 

Public speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication.

It can have an enormous impact on your career path and your level of success in your industry.

With public speaking skills and experience, speakers are able to captivate the interest of their listeners and keep them interested in order to deliver the message.

Public speaking repeatedly is a great boost of self-confidence. 

  1. j) Persuasion Skills:

An important skill to have in business and especially in the public relations arena is the skill of persuasion or the ability to win over the crowd. Inside and outside the workplace, the power of persuasion can carry you far and it all starts by honing those public speaking skills. Mastering public speaking results in an increase in confidence and with that, a cool and collected presence in front of an audience. Of course it is imperative to be knowledgeable about the subject you are presenting, but beyond that, when making a persuasive speech of any kind, including a sales pitch to a client, you need to be prepared to answer the opposition, and to speak with poise.

A great public speaker attains the power to motivate his or her audience to do something, stop doing something, change a behavior, or reach objectives. But to carry an idea forward, you must be able to excite and enliven your peers, employees, coworkers, customers.

Public speakers are leaders who are able to inspire their audience to work harder to achieve their goals. As a public speaker, your role is to influence your listeners and create an environment where everyone walks out ready to roll. You are not merely giving a speech in the attempt to get your audience to take a certain action; speakers are part of the action and can convey their passion and drive. It is not enough to simply know about the issues at hand but to make your audience share your passion. Elections have been won simply because one candidate was a better public speaker than the other. Being knowledgeable is a factor, of course, but more importantly, being able to arouse passion in people through skilled public speaking will motivate your audience to make a move.  When people talk about having a voice in the world, they mean having an impact on the world by voicing your thoughts and your knowledge in an exciting way. A mastery of public speaking allows you to relate to the audience and gain their trust. As a skilled public speaker, you become likable and believable, and you will be able to inspire and even entertain the crowd.

  1. k) Selling skills:

Selling skills are the “muscles” that give strength and flexibility to sales professionals. They are developed through experience, sales coaching, and training.

  1. l) Entrepreneurship / Ownership skills:

Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bringing good new ideas to market.

Every entrepreneur needs to be an effective communicator. A successful entrepreneur has the focus necessary to keep an unwavering eye on the end goal and can push himself to achieve it.

(m)         Management skills:

Good management skills are vital for any company to succeed and achieve its goals and objectives.

Hopestake designed training programs for management skills on monthly basis to fast-track your business's growth and competitiveness. A manager who fosters good management skills is able to propel the company’s mission and vision or business goals forward with fewer hurdles and objections from internal and external sources.

Management skills involve planning, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, delegation, and time management. Good managers are almost always good leaders as well.

The following are six essential management skills that any manager ought to possess for them to perform their duties:

  1. i) Planning:

Planning is a vital aspect within an organization. It refers to one’s ability to organize activities in line with set guidelines while still remaining within the limits of the available resources such as time, money, and labor. It is also the process of formulating a set of actions or one or more strategies to pursue and achieve certain goals or objectives with the available resources.

The planning process includes identifying and setting achievable goals, developing necessary strategies, and outlining the tasks and schedules on how to achieve the set goals. Without a good plan, little can be achieved.

  1. ii) Communication:

Possessing great communication skills is crucial for a manager. It can determine how well information is shared throughout a team, ensuring that the group acts as a unified workforce. How well a manager communicates with the rest of his/her team also determines how well outlined procedures can be followed, how well the tasks and activities can be completed, and thus, how successful an organization will be.

Communication involves the flow of information within the organization, whether formal or informal, verbal or written, vertical or horizontal, and it facilitates smooth functioning of the organization. Clearly established communication channels in an organization allow the manager to collaborate with the team, prevent conflicts, and resolve issues as they arise. A manager with good communication skills can relate well with the employees and thus, be able to achieve the company’s set goals and objectives easily.

iii)           Decision-making:

Another vital management skill is decision-making. Managers make numerous decisions, whether knowingly or not, and making decisions is a key component in a manager’s success. Making proper and right decisions results in the success of the organization, while poor or bad decisions may lead to failure or poor performance.

For the organization to run effectively and smoothly, clear and right decisions should be made. A manager must be accountable for every decision that they make and also be willing to take responsibility for the results of their decisions. A good manager needs to possess great decision-making skills, as it often dictates his/her success in achieving organizational objectives.

  1. iv) Delegation:

Delegation is another key management skill. Delegation is the act of passing on work-related tasks and/or authorities to other employees or subordinates. It involves the process of allowing your tasks or those of your employees to be reassigned or reallocated to other employees depending on current workloads. A manager with good delegation skills is able to effectively and efficiently reassign tasks and give authority to the right employees. When delegation is carried out effectively, it helps facilitate efficient task completion.

Delegation helps the manager to avoid wastage of time, optimizes productivity, and ensures responsibility and accountability on the part of employees. Every manager must have good delegation abilities to achieve optimal results and accomplish the required productivity results.

  1. v) Problem-solving:

Problem-solving is another essential skill. A good manager must have the ability to tackle and solve the frequent problems that can arise in a typical workday. Problem-solving in management involves identifying a certain problem or situation and then finding the best way to handle the problem and get the best solution. It is the ability to sort things out even when the prevailing conditions are not right. When it is clear that a manager has great problem-solving skills, it differentiates him / her from the rest of the team and gives subordinates confidence in his/her managerial skills.

  1. vi) Motivating:

The ability to motivate is another important skill in an organization. Motivation helps bring forth a desired behavior or response from the employees or certain stakeholders. There are numerous motivation tactics that managers can use, and choosing the right ones can depend on characteristics such as company and team culture, team personalities, and more. There are two primary types of motivation that a manager can use. These are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

  1. n) Business knowledge:

Understanding business is one of the most valuable and versatile skillsets you can have. Business skills are needed in just about every workplace and industry today. Having some basic knowledge across all aspects of business operations can go a long way to making your business flourish

(p)          Analytical skills:

Analytical skills are a wide-ranging set of professional qualities that include the ability to think critically, analyze data, make difficult decisions, and solve complex problems. These important skill sets all involve taking in new information and mentally processing it in a productive manner.

Analytical skills are also among the most valuable business skills you can possess. In the business arena, you must be able to analyze situations quickly and effectively, whether it be a math problem or a problem between co-workers. Sometimes you will need to make decisions under pressure, or see an issue from different perspectives, and that is where quick-wit and strong analysis skills come into play. Hand-in-hand with analytical skills comes:

Public dealing / Understanding customer psychology/employee handling.

  1. q) Decision making skills:

Decision makers create clarity out of complex information and ambiguous situations—and then make the high stakes decisions required. Decision-makers use the strategic skills to foster innovation and drive growth to expand our thinking. To dream big.

  1. Gaining financial knowledge:

Financial knowledge is the ability to understand how money works. It is the art of investing and managing money and the ability to make sound financial decisions. When you're financially literate, you understand how to allocate your income toward various goals simultaneously.

Hopestake has a talented and experienced team of financial advisors. Our advisors are continues making efforts to be the best at explaining and making investments.

  1. Amazing social life:

As humans, social interaction is essential to every aspect of our health. Research shows that having a strong network of support or strong community bonds fosters both emotional and physical health and is an important component of adult life.

  1. Good Leadership:

We provide LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals in Hopestake. Company’s leadership is founded on talented, devoted, experienced, confident, effective and fair leadership who have a clear vision and direction with ambition inspiring others to take action and set a course for future success. They focus on developing others by effectively applying advanced technology, innovative and key point business management. They encourage strategic thinking, innovation, and action. They embrace enthusiasm, confidence, inspiration, and excitement when they communicate their teams. They develop winning strategies based on sound competitive analysis, understanding buyer-behaviors, building core competencies.

With their belief and strong leadership qualities, they gave a new dimension to the world of business, achieve greatness, make Hopestake a great company and bring new transformations in the world.

Our leadership not only helps Hopestake to succeed financially but also keep its IBOs engaged, motivated and goal-driven. We add more value at lower cost with faster response. We each lead through our competence, creativity and teamwork.

  1. Incentive travel program:

It is a motivational tool to achieve certain business objectives, for example to increase sale. IBOs have to qualify by achieving a certain level of performance, pre-defined by the terms of the incentive program, e.g. achieving pre-set sales targets.

Group travel is often used for team’s motivation; to engage people, change attitudes, build morale, and embed new values. This might be to address low productivity, employee turnover, and poor customer service, or to foster teamwork and introduce new products. In this case, a group travel program might be created in order to inspire teams through an itinerary of experiential activities, which the group share together as a team. These activities are specifically designed to deliver engagement, learning, and action that will translate back to the work environment.

  1. International Tours:

Hopestake gave incentive of International Tours to it's loyal IBOs as a reward for extra-ordinary performances.

It is a motivational tool to encourage IBOs to go extra mile for international business and services. It improve IBO’s loyalty, excellent performances of work and decrease depreciation.

Travelling becomes a way of our life, as well as a sign of personal development, because nothing like travelling broadens our horizons.

At Hopestake by organizing many integration events, often combined with interesting training for workers in the various attractive places in the world, as it is a great source of fun, relaxation, additional progress in the course of thinking and creating mutual memories.

The best IBOs are sent on cruises, and other luxury holidays, because thanks to a successful rest they can further increase their productivity and earn more. Reaching passive income, they more and more often travel to escape from the bustle of crowded cities to the paradise island or arrange shorter trips to other world capitals.

We run away from chasing money, we want to satisfy our eyes and mind with beautiful views.

  1. Leisure Time:

Leisure activities can improve the physical and mental health of individuals and remove the stress of life by providing a pleasant experience. Hopestake arrange and provide free visits of beautiful and healthy places of Pakistan like Naran Kaghan, Sawat, Babu sar, Chitral, Kashmir and International Tours for it's best IBOs on their best performance. They not only enjoy on these beautiful places, reduce daily life working stress but also got trainings for personal development

Our Business is all about having fun with new and old friends, we laugh, we party. This is what attracting new people is all about? They see us having fun and they want to join. That’s how simple it is.

  1. Helping others:

Hopestake helping others to live better life. With the company you not only earn for yourself but you can also help others by introducing and joining them in your team. In normal life helping others is very difficult for 9am to 5pm persons. Because duties and responsibilities are bigger than their designations. So living in a limited authorities and responsibilities everyone is struggling for their own expenditures for living. Then how it can possible to helping others?

The productivity mechanism of company is based on helping others when you invite and join someone in your team he / she will be able to start his / her own business and will be able to earn a part time income. Whenever you sponsor someone it will be blessings for them. So at Hopestake you will not only flourish your future but also helps others to achieve their dreams in life.

Even though we speak every day, most of us have never fully comprehended the power of making someone's day a little brighter. . When you believe in someone more than they believe in themselves, you begin to build their confidence. They suddenly have the courage to get up and get going. They are turned on to the psychology and technology of success and are constantly finding and sharing the best ideas with others so that they too can succeed. Successful direct sellers are those who motivate, encourage, and train their downline constantly.

Your success is found in the success of others!

  1. Be Your Own Boss:

Life is what you make it, so why not make each aspect of your life as positive as you possibly can? 

When you’re your own boss, you have a unique chance to shape your days the way you want to. You can pick and choose the work that you like and focus on what makes you smile. Being your own boss affords a level of complete autonomy that working for another person doesn’t.

One of the best benefit of being your own boss is that you not only get to create an amazing work environment for yourself but for others, as well. 

At Hopestake our aim is to bring true entrepreneurial education to the masses to drive humanity forward. We’re here to help you ditch the beaten path and find success on your journey—being your own boss.

Being your own boss is thrilling. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you also have the boundless freedom to soar wherever you’d like. When you’re working for someone else, your work hours are at their discretion. When you work for yourself, you have the freedom to control your own hours and your own schedule.

At Hopestake you can express your creativity in your day to day life.

Being your own boss allows you to flex your creative muscles on a daily basis. You can try out new strategies across the board and find ways to make your business better – and you’re the one that will benefit from that creative thinking. When you’re your own boss, know the blood, sweat, tears, and hard work that went into building your dream.

Hopestake is here to help you say 'see ya!' to overwhelm aimlessness, and give you a roadmap to sustainable success that works.

25           Latest business mechanism:

We continuously making efforts to bring new and quality products and services to our clients, increasing business efficiency and improving profitability by adapting new technologies along with an intensive dynamic trading platform.

What makes our world so fascinating sometimes is that it travels at different speeds. Nations, peoples, individuals; all are at different points along their respective roads from the past. Today’s world is simply too complex, and accelerating too quickly. 

The entrepreneurial incentives further enhance the management logics that enable the firm to sense, seize, and act on value opportunities that provide the firm’s value creation engine the fuel to sustain competitive advantage. The business model advantage construct constitutes scalability, adaptability, and sustainability.

The entrepreneurial incentives sustain the value creation and appropriation that enhances the business model advantage and the firm’s competitive position.

Indeed, you will find remarkable character of a strong and stable company with a long term vision built on firm foundation.

Be a highly exciting and dynamic organization that will be flexible to provide the trending needs and desires of the market.

  1. Globally business opportunities:

Globalization has impacted the economy, society, business environment, competition, and most importantly, all corporate’s business without boundaries is possible because of Hopestake is a company without boundaries.

Globalization can have a massive impact on the organizational structure of a company.

Hopestake uses the latest and greatest tools brought by technology to expand its business across the border. Flexible working schedules and virtual collaboration are a couple of examples of such tools.

Hopestake relies heavily on technology. IBOs mainly communicate using technology, such as via text, email, social media, and various other virtual methods of communication. This makes it possible for them to communicate with each other from wherever they without having to physically be in the same vicinity.

Direct Sellers have the freedom to work their business wherever they desire – be it at home, in a coffee shop, on a beach, or anywhere; all you need is a laptop, Wi-Fi, phone, and a burning desire to help others succeed. By taking energy away from employee needs, we are able to focus on growing our businesses as we see fit.

In 20th century before the business was built online, marketers were to build their teams locally, with the people they knew. But today with the power of internet you can build a global business and find your teams members all over the world. You get to meet so many people and build great friendship too. How cool is that.

Nowadays, the use of e-commerce for businesses has become important not only for the purpose to preserve the own place on the market, but also to expand market share in connection with the rapid development of information technologies, increasing the role of the Internet and integrated automation industries. Virtual World Wide Web gives a good opportunity to develop the own online business because it has a global character. Any person can successfully do business online, controlling it by the use of the Internet, regardless of geographic location.

At the beginning, it is important to state that the Internet gives a lot of new opportunities for modern companies to extend their activities and to increase their profits. It has a place because online business is a kind of new economic system which allows to increase sales and to reduce costs. It is of no doubtful fact that the development of the Internet has created a new kind of economy with so enormous pace of growth that it has already changed the very concept of a traditional business. Today the economy is a system that uses modern technology, and various companies, which actively transfer their businesses to the Internet, form its basis. For instance, many corporations have successfully dominated the areas in which a traditional type of business prevailed over other companies only a few years ago. And these companies will be the driving force of e-commerce in the nearest future.

If a company has a traditional place to sale the own goods, than a number of its customers is limited, while exactly in the Internet all the users can become potential customers; in this case, it is only important to regulate the mechanism of communicating information to them. So globally it’s an ideal environment for doing business.

Our business allows increasing the list of opportunities for the client. In contemporary business environment, it is a key factor of business success to provide a customer with all kinds of information he needs, and owing to the Internet technology, it is possible to realize a constant support for customers in more efficient way. In such a way, the company’s website should not only contain a standard set of information about the company, its products or services, but also to ensure effective communication between the departments of the company, customers and suppliers. This in turn will increase customers’ satisfaction, which in turn will benefit the company in the way of increasing the profitability of online business.

Our business has ability to work 24 hours a day. It is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world both for the company and for its customers, allowing to accomplish sales round-the-clock. The actual location of the company does not really matter, since the monitoring of the implementation and conduct of transactions carried out via the Internet. So it is possible to complete the entire process of the transaction, including: commercial request, offer, purchase order and invoicing. In such a way, simplification of business processes enables companies to significantly reduce their costs.

To prepare for the future one must first fully understand the past, so, let’s set the scene. Online retail emerged soon after the general public gained access to the Internet, however, only in the last decade or so has it become a force to be reckoned with and shows little to no signs of slowing. Sites like eBay embody this trend perfectly as, although founded in 1995, it was not until 2008 that eBay could truly be considered a global business powerhouse.

The e-commerce sector isn’t yet as big as the classic brick and mortar retail sector but this fact is expected to change sooner rather than later. This perplexing growth has several implications for the average man, the most important being that the future of business lies online. This is in evidence even at the very top of the retail game, as stalwarts of the brick and mortar model, such as Walmart, have begun to offer online purchasing options. This fact alone make it’s evident that the concept of doing business online is something that we all must embrace.

However, the Internet is currently saturated with online businesses all attempting to use the same methods to sell their similar products. So what is the future of online business and how can you stay ahead of the game to take an advantage of it?

It is relatively common knowledge that the future of business is online. It stands to reason than that most entrepreneurs will move into this sector in the near future, which means that the future online market, irrespective of what you’re selling, is going to be fiercely competitive. Therefore, future online businesses will need to come up with innovative ideas to gain a competitive edge over the competition. In the future, online businesses must be able to evolve instantly, as the concept of online retail increasingly moves away from being a seldom-used novelty to becoming the predominant form of shopping in the world. This can best be explained through an example: when computers first came out they were insanely expensive, however, as it became more and more common place to have them, the price dropped. Those firms not willing to drop their prices quickly went out of business. This phenomenon has already started to occur in the e-commerce sector but is expected to become more pronounced in the future.

There are some major changes envisaged in the online retail sector in the near future. Because of its exceptional growth this sector is a volatile beast, however, it’s extremely important to take note and prepare for its impending evolution. To put it simply, the future of online business is actually the future of business itself.

The technology industry is booming as there is a constant rush by the general public to pounce on the latest app or social media platform. Given this, there is simply no denying that the futures of online businesses are intrinsically linked to the ever-changing technological culture of their customers. If online businesses hope to stay relevant they must keep up with these trends. To put it simply, technology has become the new primary form of communication, especially among the youth. Therefore, in the future, online businesses will almost need to become a social presence in themselves, with the ability to quickly and relevantly reach out to their customers. It is no exaggeration to say that the days of running an online business with a hands off approach are all but over, as your business will now simply flounder if not actively promoted.

  1. Corporate Outlets:

Company facilitates the customers with it’s Corporate Outlets in all over the country. Everyone can get easily their product items from these Corporate Outlets. It helps you to purchase, sale and distribute the required products as your choice. It is also a great source of income for those who have a big stamina to run and maintain a team of hundreds. They can get a sales bonus with respect of total sales from their Corporate Outlet.

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