Terms Of Use


Please take the time to read and understand our company Terms and Conditions. Following is the legal contract between you and Hopestake Private Limited.

For opening an account it’s mandatory to fully read, understand all our Terms and Conditions, accepting this while joining us will automatically state that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by all when using our services. This Agreement is made between Hopestake and the users, purchasers and Independent Business Owners (IBOs) of Company’s services, products and business opportunities.




Everyone using or visiting our website is informed that all the content he visits to the site is solely owned by Hopestake Private Limited. Whole content, Logo and Color scheme is secured under copy rights by Hopestake. Copying, reproducing, redistributing, use for any illegal activities or unauthorized web scraping, Hopestake reserves the right to ban, terminate your Hopestake account and may take legal action against you at appropriate level.


Whole content, Logo and Color scheme is the intellectual property of Hopestake Private Limited and company has never allowed anyone to use the website for any unauthorized commercial purpose, any content or page illegally posted somewhere by anyone for commercial purpose can never be blamed to Hopestake. We authorize our IBOs to use or share information through allowed ways. Any violation will be dealt as per para-1 (a).


Hopestake is not responsible for any third party services or sites to which our site is linked for services.




Every IBO has the right to modify and edit his authorized information. However, permanent information cannot be changed.


Personal information of each account holder is secured but it’s every individual’s responsibility to keep his account information like password, profile, email & it’s password etc. confidential and safe from others. If your credentials are stolen or someone has gained access to it, it’s everyone’s sole responsibility to contact/ inform us immediately.


Every account holder can convert his Digital Money into cash through the ways offered by Hopestake. However, in case of any casualty, delay or total loss caused due to misuse by any merchant, breach of security information due to negligence of account holder, any unforeseen incident, natural disaster or any other reason beyond control of Hopestake, it can’t be claimed.


All Hopestake IBOs are advised to open one (1) account only with one (1) CNIC, work with high ambitions to earn and make assets/ better lifestyle. However, you can purchase unlimited products with the same account and increase personal purchase volume which be more beneficial for your Ranks.


Children under eighteen (18) are not allowed to become part of Hopestake business without written consent of their parents/ guardians, copy of the same is to be held at mother outlet of concerned youth IBO.



If any customer found involved in any such activity which affects negatively on Hopestake working/ reputation or because of which customers of Hopestake lose their trust, company accounts or amounts, then Hopestake holds the right to take a legal action against such person through judicial system of the state and his/ her account will be terminated forthwith.



Hopestake product’s sale, services and marketing is accomplished through affiliate program/ direct selling by Independent Business Owners (IBOs). To purchase smart bundles, corporate products or services through us, you do have to become an Independent IBO. If, you are interested to purchase Hopestake products, you can purchase through any affiliate/ IBO or from Hopestake corporate outlet.


Anyone who purchases a product through Hopestake, agrees to become our IBO and he/ she must accept Hopestake’s Terms & Conditions, for this purpose everyone must submit the fully completed online Registration Form. Upon receipt of the said Form, Company will send an acceptance welcome letter at your given email. The Company reserves the right, for any reason, to terminate the IBO Agreement anytime. On acceptance of the online Registration Form, the IBO must print a copy of the Registration Form and welcome letter received at email. Then, after signing the said documents and adding the copy of CNIC, newly joined IBOs are required to submit all these at chosen mother outlet for record.

  1. IBO’s RIGHTS:
  2. In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, Company grants it’s IBOs the right and privilege to purchase, promote and market all Hopestake products. IBOs are entitled to participate in Company sponsored events, services, training, motivational/ promotional incentives.
  3. In additions to all your rights with Hopestake, all existing/ becoming IBOs going to purchase a plot through this platform have all the rights not to just rely upon our verification but check/ verify the authenticity/ legality of their selected society at their own from which they are going to purchase a plot of their choice.



Any IBO’s Hopestake account may be terminated under following conditions in addition to reasons explained at Para-1(a), 3 and 4(a) above:

  1. Unauthorized transfer of funds from any IBO’s account.
  2. Hijacking of any team member or newly presented prospect of other leader.
  3. Any malicious activity which may damage the image of Hopestake.
  4. Privately doing crypto etc trading and invites/ motivates any hope member or new client.
  5. Privately sales hope panel society plots to anyone.
  6. Privately doing property and deals his personal clients at hope's offices/ premises.
  7. Privately doing property and invites/ motivates any hope member or new client for any other society that's not on hope panel.
  8. Any cheating/ manipulation in financial matters with company, leader or team member.
  9. If any team member or leader found working with other company having same way of marketing or products, the company will withdraw the account from him without any notice
  10. After joining, if anyone has worked with other company secretly without the Hopestake's detection, and if the company finds out this act any time later, the company will withdraw his account without any notice.
  11. If someone not ready to work with you, then try to misguide/ demotivate people about Hopestake’s business plan, commissions and falsely showing the hurdles in working and abusing Hopestake management by declaring it poor and forgetting that you are the part of that management too just for sake of motivating such person for any other company under your downline.
  12. Misuse of Company’s services and support in the form of office rent, visits etc by using Hopestake office for other companies working and visits for private sales of Hope panel societies.
  13. It is worth mentioning that an eye will be kept on your behavior with your own and other teams looking for Regional Office/ Outlet services and discipline as well as all above mentioned points. Regional Office decorum and code of ethics must be followed in any case and condition. Strict action to be taken by you against any team member involved in such activities and same to be reported to Head Office instantly. Any violence in this regard will not be tolerated at all and immediately will lead to termination from this managerial post without any notice or warning, and further disciplinary action may be taken if deemed appropriate.
  14. Direct or indirect involvement in any unethical activity or try for such with any female member by using Hopestake’s platform in any way.


On violation of any above point, account will immediately be terminated without any warning and irrespective of rank or post in hope management, it’s a matter which will be dealt with zero tolerance policy.


The Hopestake has certain trademark(s), logo, slogans, symbols and color schemes, which are company’s intellectual property. Except for the Hopestake marketing material, the IBOs shall not use or display said trademark(s) without the Company’s approval.

The IBOs shall also promptly notify the Company about any infringement of the trademark(s) or the products by anyone else whether an IBO or the third party.



Dear IBOs, your Business card is your identity. Always keep it in your safe custody, it will be helpful in your pursuit of other services. You have to pay a penalty in the event of losing your business card.



As you all know, with the launching of “Cross Over Market”, company has launched it’s own brands of daily use products along with continuation of core product i.e. property (Land), so our all IBOs are required to gather complete knowledge of all available products along with property/ plots at different societies & different cities, their rates and all other relevant information. So every IBO should be able to advise/ guide new customer about affordable/ useful product for him and can clear his all doubts/ queries.





Rates revision of all Real estate projects and Hopestake’s Brand products will be carried out on monthly basis and list of the same will be available at Downloads on website as well shared in Company’s official groups, pages & social media accounts.



Until Beta Version (Phase-III), All Dues Clear (ADC) property products could had been returned to company on requirement basis at purchased rates and after adjustment of rebates (FPR) issued against purchase of said plot with 10% profit on remaining amount. This policy is valid for clients those purchased product during Beta Version (from 9 October 2019 till 12 June 2021) only. But, after General Plan and in Cross Over Market (COM) there is no return policy for Special Products (Property Products).



You can start this business by purchasing various products from Smart Bundles amounting to 5 PVs (Rs.10,000 approx.) only or Plot at any of Hope panel society and you will get free business startup. Along with this you have to pay Rs.1,950 towards account maintenance/ services and business booklet services charges.


RETURN: We have a return policy which offers our client’s money back within 30 days of purchasing. On return of Smart & Corporate products, 25% deduction will be applied and remaining amount (-25% each wallet) will be credited to same wallet from which it was deducted. During any Promo, No Return will be applicable from start date to end date of promotion. Return policy is applicable only on company's own brand products. If anyone want to return regular products then he will have to follow and accept terms and conditions of the concerned merchant. Following conditions apply:

  1. Product must be unworn, unused, unaltered, undamaged and unwashed.
  2. Product must have all tags, accessories and paper work.
  3. Product box must be in its original condition.

EXCHANGE: On exchange of product within first week of purchasing, service charges will be applied. You can exchange your products in same price and same category after paying applied charges. Service/ other applicable charges on every product in the store are mentioned by the company in product description.

Note: No Return will be applicable from start date to end date of any promotion.


On the purchase of leather product (Hopestake own brands), the company gives you a 5-years Free-of-Cost (FOC) insurance, within which you have the opportunity to return your used product and get a new product in lieu.

To avail this facility, following terms and conditions are applied:

  1. All applicable government taxes including GST @ 18% (unless the %age is changed by the government) are to be paid.
  2. Service charges applicable to this product are to be paid.
  3. You can take other design of this products from the same family as your product's family.
  4. If the price of the product has changed at the time of insurance claim, the price difference has to be paid.
  5. The packaging and other accessories of this product will not be provided with the product issued against this insurance.



In Your Business account, you have multiple wallets for different usage.

  1. Hope Wallet: You can convert your commissions from Network Wallet to Hope wallet. Then, you can request for a bank withdrawal from your Hope wallet. Hope wallet is used for bank withdrawals only.
  2. Gift wallet: On every personal purchasing, you receive Hoperks (Surprise Gift Points) from company in your Gift wallet. This will be activated in 2025-26 or later (Subjects to Govt. approvals).
  3. Purchase wallet: This wallet is designed for your savings which is to be used for personal purchasing of different products for your own or you can use it for new joining along with Block and Network wallet. Whatever you're earning from the company it's 12% amount is directly deposited to your purchase wallet. If not used within 6 months of earning, it will be automatically Flushed Out immediately on completion of 6 months, you cannot retain this amount for more than stipulated time. Purchase wallet is not transferable.
  4. Block wallet: This is Company's wallet. It cannot be generated nor be earned. You have to demand it from company. This wallet plays a major role in Joining or purchasing. This wallet is transferable from member to member.
  5. Network Wallet: All your commissions are directly credited to Network This wallet plays a vital role in new Joining and personal purchasing. It’s transferable from one IBO to another and convertible from Network wallet to Purchase wallet and Network wallet to Hope wallet.
  6. Pay@ Wallet: This wallet is for save and sum bonus only which may be attached with Block chain for Hoperks in future (Subjects to Govt. approvals).



Every new purchasing could only be accomplished by use of company’s digital money through following wallets as per preset %age for each product:

  1. Block wallet
  2. Purchase wallet
  3. Network wallet


10) SV, PV & CV:

Company have it's own Trading terms known as SV, PV & CV.

  1. SV Means Sale Volumes: On purchase of every product in your team you will get 15% (Maximum) & 5% (Minimum) of Sale Volume of that product. For example if a product have 10SV, then if a team member purchase that product you will get 15% i.e 1.5SV & 5% 0.5SV of that product.
  2. PV means Purchase Volume: On purchase of every self-product, you will get purchase volumes described with that product. Purchase Volumes are important for increasing your Rank.
  3. CV means Corporate Volumes: On every purchasing of your Direct Members, you will get corporate point on every product and it's corporate points are also mentioned with the product. You will get corporate point for 12 months straight. One corporate point is equal to Rs.1, corporate points can be from 5-25000 on a product.



For purchase of regular products like grocery, fuel, bakery items, hoteling and foods etc. from hope panel merchants, you would be required to pay bills directly to said merchants but in parallel you will be required to generate voucher of same amount from hope app and get it scanned at Hopestake’s device held with the said merchant. By scanning voucher, your purchasing will be added in the system and subsequently all commissions would be generated.



Company has a complete road map for asset building of all its IBOs / Leaders which is based on consistent sales and achievement of ranks. For this purpose, we have designed a point system linked with each product, achieving these points through your sales/ self-purchasing will lead you to be able for activity rewards distributed to 25% people through balloting on quarterly basis and asset building upto Rs.500 million by achieving 15 ranks of the company.



Care share pool is designed for monthly passive income of IBOs those directly make a new sale in their left group and a new sale in their right group (1/1) of their team. Qualified IBOs have 24 months from the day of joining Hopestake to avail this pool income. The company will add 9% of total monthly distributed volume of commissions to Care Share pool every month; and same will be distributed among all eligible members of this pool. Monthly eligibility condition of 1.5 SV / 1.5 SV team activity every month is mandatory to achieve it every month.



Super share pool is designed for monthly passive income of those IBOs who sale five (5) special products with their direct reference. . Qualified IBOs have 36 months from the day of joining Hopestake to avail this pool income. The company will add 7% of total monthly distributed volume of commissions to Super Share pool every month; and same will be distributed among all eligible members of this pool. Monthly eligibility condition of 5/5 SV team activity every month is mandatory to achieve it every month.



Rank Reward is the best part of any organization and thus Hopestake also has Rank Rewards. It is not only a rank but also an asset building process for members. By attaining 15 ranks, any member can build assets worth Rs.50 crores. Company divide these 15 ranks into 3 families as follows:

Family        Rank        Company Share        Member Share       Prize

  1. Vital       1-5               50%                                50%                   Mobile, Laptop, Bike, Gold Ring, LED etc
  2. Royal     6-10             60%                                40%                   5 million, 5 Marla plot, Apartment, House etc
  3. Savior    11-15           70%                               30%                   Plaza, stores, Hotel, Director level share etc

NOTE: Prices of proposed products as Rank rewards may enhance and the nature of prizes may change with the time and situation.



Best performance rewards are given by the company on monthly and yearly best performance. Company gives gifts ranging from worth of thousands to millions alongwith Golden Cap to the best performing member on monthly, yearly and overall basis as per following conditions:

  1. Monthly Highest PV, SV & CV, Self-Referrals & Total Team by a new IBO during 1st Month of his joining.
  2. Yearly Highest PV, SV & CV, Self-Referrals & Total Team by any IBO who joined during that year.
  3. Overall Highest PV, SV & CV, Self-Referrals & Total Team by any IBO/ Leader during that year.
  4. Any IBO can win this reward once only.



  1. Any charges deducted from the commission of leaders (other than Ambassadors) for the visit will be for the services and briefing of the property management guide on the visit only, and its not for the travelling or food expenses, these expenses are managed by the company.
  2. Your account is gifted Free Of Cost (FOC) on purchasing of any products from Hopestake and is subject to annual account maintenance and service charges, but it remains property of the company and gives you the privileges of the account as long as you follow the rules and terms of the company. In case of violation of rules, the company reserves the right not to renew and terminate the account.
  3. Any digital amount in your accounts, may be zeroed out by the Company at any time, and no claim is admissible thereon.




Following charges will be automatically deducted from the concerned wallet:

  1. Same day conversion charges on commission (NW wallet) @12% from network wallet to Hope wallet, the amount once converted to Hope wallet could not be reversed and only to be drawn through bank.
  2. Any time after same day charges on commission (NW wallet) @24% and withdrawal from outlet after written request on prescribed form.
  • WHT or any other charges applied by Govt. @ defined by Govt.
  1. No conversion charges from Network to Purchase wallet.


Note: Outlet will get benefit of 2.5% on all NW wallet which cashed from outlet.

  2. @5% for Outlet expense
  3. @12% to own Purchase wallet which could only be used for products purchasing/ asset building
  • Services and guider charges for societies visits will be applicable to all members according to rank except Ambassadors at following rates:
  1. Care Taker: 300/-
  2. Representative: 600/-
  3. Organizer: 900/-

Charges for next ranks would be incorporated in due course of time.

Note:    All these charges/ deductions will be done from Network wallet.



For smooth functioning of any organization, a lot depends upon skills grooming and training system of that organization. To fulfill this basic requirement, Hopestake has formed its training department for entrepreneurship of all its IBOs. On 1st purchasing and becoming Hopestake IBO, everyone will get Hopestake’s Business Booklet on FOC basis which includes all the required stuff for startup your business at Hopestake. Moreover, regular training sessions will be conducted at every outlet under supervision of Hope Trailing Department (HTD).



Flush out will be punched on 31st December, every year. After the flush out, network wallets of all the IBOs would be transformed to zero by default. All IBOs are advised to use/ withdraw their amounts in network wallet before date mentioned above. It is to be noted that bank withdrawals would be suspended for one month before flush out.




Company has the right to cancel your order before delivery of product, plot file/ docs and return your paid and the amount will be credited to the same wallet from which it was deducted. Company also has the right to exchange your plot within the society or to any other society having an equal cost. However, customer can’t claim for cancellation of his order once it’s confirmed.


Once the property product’s file/ docs have been issued to the customer, the responsibility of company is over and the customer is responsible to pay all remaining dues/ installments directly to the society. All Govt. taxes or any other charges imposed by concerned authorities are to be paid by the customer as and when required by the Authority/ society management. In case of any miss commitment by the society, the company “Hopestake” will always stand with and support you but neither Hopestake nor any member is responsible for any sort of claim or recovery on behalf of society.


To collect/ receive products, you must be in possession of original CNIC, Order ID & Secret Code, without this you will not be able to get your product, property file/ docs.

Product invoice number and product purchasing letter will be sent at your email address. Please keep it secret and provide it to only concerned management, when demanded for product issuance.

To avoid any inconvenience, you are required to receive your product within 45 days. After that, company will not be responsible for any loss or misplacement of your products.



You may convert 100% of your earned commissions to Hope wallet and withdraw it to your bank account within 72 working hours after your request to Admin once in a month from 1st to 5th of every month (no request will be entertained other than this schedule), WHT or any other charges applied by Govt. @ defined by Govt..

Note: Hope wallet will be used for bank withdrawals only.



Company’s own designed digital/ electronic money would be used for purchasing of all products from Hopestake platform. This digital/ e-money is exclusive to company’s sales/ purchase mechanism, it’s not form of any Digital or Crypto Currency and it will be solely for transactions within the company.



It’s company’s policy to establish regional office at every provincial capital, northern areas and AJ&K after completion of necessary formalities i.e. application, approval and legal agreement between Hopestake and regional office management team.

Summary of Regional office’s responsibilities is as under:

  1. Keep close liaison with head office for all services in the region of their responsibility.
  2. Collection/ receiving of all products from head office and delivery to franchises in their region.
  3. Manage merchants of all categories and have legal agreements with them for Hopestake customers.
  4. Collect agreed commissions from merchants and pay it to head office on monthly basis.
  5. Remain 24/7 available for services desired by any Outlet Officer.

Note: A dedicated agreement would be required for holding a regional office.



Any leader can apply for opening an Outlet at his vicinity. Company’s management team for said purpose will scrutinize the all applications and will decide for approval, team’s decision couldn’t be challenged. After approval, applicant will complete all legal formalities described in “Outlet Agreement” and then Outlet Code will be awarded.

It’s mandatory for every leader who achieves 4th rank of company to open a Outlet at his area after processing all specified formalities, failing to that will disqualify him for withdrawal of his commissions, rewards and promotion to the next rank.

Every Outlet officer is responsible for:

  1. To maintain a product’s display and keep a spare complete set of all Hopestake Brand Products at his Outlet for at the spot delivery to client.
  2. Keep Outlet open for at least six (6) hours daily.
  3. Pay uninterrupted services to every IBO of Hopestake irrespective of his team.
  4. Arrange society visits in coordination with the “Hope Property Management Team”.
  5. It’s the responsibility of outlet officer to take the data of any property related joining and send it to property team at head office.
  6. Keep close liaison with the HTD and manage the training courses of 25 members continuously at the outlet in coordination with the HTD.
  7. Acknowledge receipt of all products to regional/ head office, as directed by head office.
  8. Deliver all products to concerned customers, keep and forward record of that to head office directly. Any loss of product will be recovered from the concerned outlet officer.
  9. Return all undelivered products to Head Office after 90 days of receiving.

Note:    Irrelevant activities and misuse of office premises is strictly prohibited, only company related matters are to be undertaken there. Failures to that will have to bear heavy penalty and disciplinary/ legal action too, as the case may be.



A Preceptor is someone who can Present & Train the Teams on Advanced Levels when and wherever required centrally by the company, not for own team only. To obtain Preceptor Code, you are required to complete following pre-requisites:

  1. Have achieved 4th Rank
  2. Must be Associate member
  3. Completed Super-50 Batch of Leaders in team
  4. Completed 25 leaders Online course in team
  5. Good & fluent speaker with comprehensive knowledge about company and Direct selling industry
  6. Must have at least 80% marks (overall) & minimum 70% in each point of KPI
  7. Recommended (in writing) by the Head of Training Department (HTD)

After achieving Preceptor code, you will receive Rs.150/- from the company on every joining through your preceptor code.



With the launching of Cross Over Market (COM), Hopestake is providing following services:

  1. Corporate services
  2. Hope Big Stores

As per road map, company has the plan to establish a chain of its own departmental stores in all major cities of Pakistan where every daily need consumer product will be provided at fair prices.

  1. Our Merchants

Apart from our brands, we are fully committed to provide every need of life to our customers and team. To meet the task, we have added merchants with for all sorts of products like grocery, fuel, restaurants, bakeries etc to facilitate our clients. In addition to provision of every need, we have facilitated them with lots of commissions and rewards on personal as well as team's purchasing.

iii.            My Shop

The company offers all its members the opportunity to use our panel for marketing and sales of their products, for this you have to provide us with the details of your products and after approval from us, you will be required to make a formal agreement with all the terms and conditions explained in My Shop Policy.

  1. Personal services

We provide personal and domestic services for all your needs by adding following as our merchants:

Doctors, AC/ Refrigerator Technicians, Barbers, Electricians, Labors etc

Use of all such services will give you all systematic benefits.

  1. Social services

We have been providing the services to humanity in social sector since our start and have well defined plans in future as well. With the help of Almighty, we will take a reasonable part in social work.

  1. Business services
  2. Planning and management

We offer specialized and integrated project delivery services, coordination and planning activities such as the preparation, review and recommendation of plans, policies and programs as well as full range of life cycle projects and their management.

  1. Technical support

Develop and implement cost effective training and support solutions to improve productivity, stream line operations, and enable faster access to critical information.

iii.            Communication skills

We provide trainings to improve Communication skills which are needed to speak appropriately with a wide variety of people whilst maintaining good eye contact, demonstrate a varied vocabulary and much more.

  1. Marketing & Sales

We provide trainings and opportunities for Marketing & Sales. Marketing informs and attracts leads and prospects to your company and product or service. Sales, on the other hand, works directly with prospects to reinforce the value of the company's solution to convert prospects into customers.

  1. Financial Services

We offer financial services both for Asset Management, Liability Management, investments and embracing a wide range of businesses to our teams.



Hopestake has a complete road map of providing every necessity/ privilege of life through this platform. The projects coming in future years are listed below:

  1. Hopestake model society at any major city and then in other big cities.
  2. Hopestake houses.
  3. Hopestake big stores
  4. Hotel and resorts at northern areas
  5. Hopestake Surprising Points (Hoperks)
  6. Hopestake Surprising Points and 1st ever property exchange in the world. You will be able to use these points at Hopestake Property Exchange.
  7. Hopestake social projects to fulfil its dream to fight against poverty, scamming and serve the humanity.

These all projects will be completed in due course of time as per road map. Every IBO of Hopestake will be eligible for investment in these projects out of his commissions and rewards and can become shareholder in all project.



HOPESTAKE shall not be responsible for delays and failures in performance of its obligations when performance is made commercially impracticable due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. This includes, without limitation, strikes, riot, war, fire, flood, and death case, curtailment of a party’s source of supply, or government decree or orders.




Any IBO can apply for change of credentials at a prescribed form available at website. The said form can be downloaded from Downloads and after filling the required information, request to be submitted at your mother outlet with a Copy of CNIC and Thumb impression. Charges for this are Rs.3,000 and you can pay it at your mother outlet  After 4th Rank Credentials will not be changed to any other except nominated Next of Kin. Following documents are to be attached with the application:

  1. CNIC scanned copies of both the transferee and new account holder
  2. Stamped undertaking by the transferee
  • Scanned official picture of new account holder
  1. Complete data required for profile

Note: 15 working days would be required to complete the process


If you lose your security information and need to recover it, just send email to admin along with Rs.1,000/- recovery charges and scanned copy of CNIC, 7 working days would be required to complete this activity.



IBOs may advertise the Hopestake Products in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. All advertisements must state clearly that the IBO is working as sale representative of Hopestake. The IBOs are prohibited from using any advertising in a manner that would suggest that they are employed and salaried by the Company. Any advertising material provided by the company like brochures, CDs etc, shall remain the property of the Company and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any one.

IBOs may advertise on social media, pamphlets, pan flex or any other suitable means but can’t disturb the rates set by company for each product, guilty of that will have to face strict disciplinary action including termination of account. As per company’s policy, rates of property products could not be advertised on any media. In addition, every member of company can introduce himself as IBO of the company in 1 on 1 meetings with clients and in company sponsored gatherings, in which they can brief about company products and business plan.



After successful launching of “COM update 2.0”, we are going beyond boundaries and would be able to sale our brands globally and enhance respect for “Made in Pakistan”, God willing.



Leaders who intentionally keep their team members isolated from the activity of any department of the company such as Hope Media and Public Relations Department (HMD), Hope Training Department (HTD), Hope Property Management Department (HPD), any product matters, outlet officer, outlet owner matters and activities OR keeps the team away from Hopestake official groups. The company will not tolerate such matters and any disciplinary action may be taken by the company against such leaders.

Due to such cases there are many losses to the company, leaders and members, which are explained below so that every member can understand and avoid the loss:

  1. The main purpose of doing this is to be able to mislead Hopestake’s members whenever he wants.
  2. To be able to use Hopestake’s members for his own illegal and malicious purposes.
  3. Can demotivate the team members whenever he wants by giving wrong information.
  4. Can blackmail the company.
  5. Can blackmail the team members and maintain his monopoly over them.
  6. Can shift team members to other companies whenever he desires so.
  7. By doing this the team members do not have the complete knowledge of the company, which causes the team to not grow and the work stagnates.
  8. A team cannot learn or grow from other team's working and events.
  9. By doing this, the team activities will be limited, and will not be able to serve their team in different cities or globally.
  10. By doing this, it seems that very good people who can be quite helpful in system/ management, are isolated and can neither use their skills nor contribute to the system.



As you all know, Hopestake is a family and family is incomplete without women. Alhamdulillah, we have mothers, sisters and daughters in our family.

So, we all have a moral and social responsibility to respect them in every way and provide them with a very safe and peaceful environment to do their work.

We believe that maintaining ethical standards and upholding the company's reputation are of paramount importance. It is our responsibility to ensure that the actions of our associates reflect the values and principles we hold very dear.

To ensure this, we have a standing policy which applies to the entire management, leaders and all IBOs equally. The policy is as follows:

  1. At any outlet, event, seminar or National/ International tour, if any IBO misbehaves with a woman;

The first time he will be suspended for one month, the second time for 3 months and the third time he will be expelled from the company and his company account will be terminated permanently.

  1. If any IBO tries to harass a woman or tries for any kind of unethical act, his Hopestake account will be terminated immediately regardless of his Rank or Managerial Post in the company.
  2. If any member, leader or member management and any woman engages in any unethical activity by mutual consent while using the platform of Hopestake, both of them will be expelled from the company and their Hopestake account will be terminated permanently.
  3. It is prime responsibility of the entire Hopestake's Management and all the Outlet Officers to keep a close watch on any unethical activity at the outlet, events/ seminars & tours and immediately report to the higher management whenever such activity observed, so that immediate action can be taken against the concerned members. If any member management or outlet officer fails to report such activity, he will be immediately removed from his post of management or outlet officer.

We hope that this policy serves as a reminder to all our associates about the importance of ethical conduct and the consequences of actions that may tarnish the company's image. We trust that you will understand the gravity of this policy and take steps to maintain your behavior accordingly.

NOTE: A thorough investigation will be done before any action and if the complaint is found to be false then the same action will be taken against the complainant (Male/ Female) as would have been against the member concerned on a valid complaint.



Hopestake has the right to amend or correct these TERMS & CONDITIONS for any human error anytime. So, everyone is advised to visit this page and study its contents on regular basis to keep yourself updated with amendments or corrections. Any claim because of the negligence of user will not be accepted.

In case of any query, you can approach us anytime.



Above all Terms & Conditions are related to purchasing of Hopestake brands and property products of multiple societies all around the country and working as an IBO with Hopestake. However, all customers are to abide by society Terms & Conditions too related to Government/ Society’s miscellaneous charges/ taxes etc. from which they have purchased their property products.

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