We Are Different




We reformed direct-selling in accordance with the needs of evolving era. We are not about to give you so-called financial freedom with more workloads, we aimed to change your life into a happy life. We are not making the pyramid of members with impractical products, our plan is to build life standards & products are real life possessions. We believe Hopestake (Pvt) Ltd will be your final destination. Here is a difference between We and Others:

1. Comparison of Hopestake with Other Companies.

(a) Startup Fee:


No Startup Fee, you are required to purchase only 5PV (10,000 approx) products of your need or a property product with Free of Cost (FOC) Business Booklet.


Startup Fee is very high with useless products and without business toolkit.

(b) Product:


Real value, unique, hot & fair price products.

We contribute to a vibrant market place by selling competitive, high-quality Products and services, providing a sustainable source of income for those who choose to sale those products.


No products or worth less products.

They are involved in circulating bogus products .their aim is to make money individually. They never care for standard and quality of their products.

(c) Multi-Brand Products:


Thousands of products and multi brands option in a single category, without any force and pressure to purchase specific brand.


Very limited range of products without any option. Pressurize you to purchase specific product and brand to improve your ranks and earnings

(d) Fair Prices:


Customers pay for tangible products and services. And prices are comparatively low or same with market price.


Customers pay for startup fee only or for product which are unnecessary and valueless

(e) Repeat Sale:


Our business depends on repeat sales strategy when your joined member shop again and again you will get paid for that shopping.


Their sales depend on startup/ signup fee and customers pay for signups only. They try that maximum people participate to the scheme.

(f) Working Plan:


Working plan is simple, understandable, durable & long life. Easy and achievable business plan.


Working plan is tough and complicated, unstable & collapses in short time. It’s very hard to achieve targets from beginning.

(g) Commissions:


Commissions to customers are based on the sales of useful/ needful products and services.


Commissions are based on recruitment of maximum number of peoples.

(h) Return Policy:


We provide the money back guaranty according to our Return Policy.


No Return Policy.

(j) Primary sales strategy:


Primary sales strategy is value offering.


Primary sales strategy is greed.

(k) Opportunity:


Takes time to describe the business and give potential sellers adequate time to make a decision, any opportunity worth having will be there tomorrow.


Convince people to buy large amounts of goods and products which they cannot easily purchase and sell to others and is not returnable nor useful.

(l) Earning:


Ultra-high earning with no risk


Shown very high earning but very very high risk in case of ROI Companies & very low/ slow earning in case of product Companies but only few can earn in both cases.

(m) Investment:


No investment, just purchasing of real valued products.


1st you invest then wait for your luck to recover in long time then profit.

(n) Passive Income:


Hopestake ensures monthly, quarterly & yearly passive income irrespective of new sales.


No concept of passive income.

(p) Income/ Bonuses:


Distributing upto 92% of Company’s profit.


No one pay so high, and even can't earn so high profits from traditional businesses.

(q) Working field:


Working field/ community: very vast and boundary free.


Selected and bounded.

(r) Company life:


Company life, long lasting/ life time.


Company life very short.

(s) Risk:




Your capital remains at very very high risk till & if u recover.

(t) End User:


1st to end user always in benefit.


End user always in loss, only few get benefit who joins at start & at top positions.


If you want to truly build wealth and to have a stable financial future you need to start building assets. Asset building makes prosperity achievable.

(a) Hopestake’s Asset Building Process:

Hopestake has developed and implemented innovative asset building strategies which promotes the best ways to build assets, and in this way, build wealth. These strategies describe skills and supports that are helpful to our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) with low incomes in their day-to-day decision making and as they set goals for the future. We not only provide an easiest business to all people who join us but we also provide a complete system to our partners to live a corporate life, for which one part is to impel our people to develop their best assets. For this purpose, the Company has announced prizes of fifty crores on achievement of 15 different ranks divided into following 3 families which complete the asset building process.

  1. VITAL                                                                2. ROYAL                                                                     3. SAVIOR

The Asset Building Process starts from second rank and details are as under:


S. No.
















Care Taker




Mobile + Shoes + Suit







Laptop + Tool Kit







Bike + Dinner Set







Gold Ring + Gold Necklace Chain + LED








2,000,000 Cash (Purchase + Network) Umrah + Booking (5M)



Founder Platinum




2,000,000 Cash (Purchase + Network) International Tour + Booking (10M)







Car + Cash Plot (5M) Hope



Founder Sapphire




Apartment (Hope)







House 5M (Hope)




Founder Emerald



Until 5 Crore

Plaza / Tower (Project of Hope)






Until 5 Crore

Shopping Mall, Big Store (Hope)



Founder Diamond



Until 5 Crore

Hotel  & Resort (Hope)






Until 5 Crore

Transport +Surprising Points & Property Exchange



Founder Crown



Until 25 Crore

Director (Equal Share)



NOTE: 50/50 SV sale required for the Caretaker rank, whereas the remaining ranks are the number of previous ranks. For example, the Representative has to do 1/1 Caretaker in his team.

(b) Money Management:

We enable our IBOs to learn about and use sound family budgeting and money management practices to address financial issues, and to plan for long-term success.

(c) Independent Business Owners (IBOs):

Hopestake business model enables ordinary people from all walks of life to start their own business with a little purchasing. The Company’s members known as IBOs have the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient, improving the life of their families and communities as well as helping others to achieve their dreams.

(d) Best Asset Real Estate:

For the sake of convenience & improvement, Hopestake introduces a nationwide range of authentic Real estate products with reasonable prices. We are advancing innovative ways to enable low-wealth families to access financial services, save, invest and preserve financial assets. The broad objective of asset management is to maximize property value and investment returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources of revenue, and mitigating liability and risk, among other things.

(e) Develop passive income:

Hopestake allows you to create passive residual income, getting paid over and over again for work you did one time.

Once you build your Direct Selling Empire i.e. your team, it becomes an asset for you.

The stream of income created because of work of this team is what we call “Team Bonus”. Team bonus is a passive income as it is generated through the sales of your team members or people you have brought on board who work under your leadership. Your team’s sales will generate a handsome portion of income for you, usually a percentage-based number at monthly basis, this percentage ranges from 15% to 5% with respect to weaker team levels and performance that creates your passive income. Further passive income is generated as your team members build-up their own teams and create a network of sales opportunities.

(f) Financial Training Programs:

Through our “Hope Training Department (HTD)”, training programs and events, we advance aspirational saving programs, analytic insights, and policy initiatives dedicated to a more equitable.

The objective of Hopestake is to inspire, inform and reward the millions of poor people who need help in saving money. Through engaging technologies and strategic partnerships, we give working people the methods and motivation to take control of their financial future.


Man makes every kind of hard work and tries to improve their lives and try to get everything which can make his life perfect, easier and free. The life of a man, in which he has all the necessities of life easily accessible and high qualities of these things provide a man peaceful, felicitous, flourishing, luxurious, gratifying and complete freedom of life is called corporate life. According to present average age, a man can't grow so fast and earn as much money in any other business as in direct selling. In Direct Selling you can start your business without any investment, however, all you have to do is purchase a product. You neither require any office on rent nor any job person to manage your business in Hopestake. This is absolutely right to say that direct selling give human a complete corporate life and happiness. The goal of achieving success will help you live a more purposeful life by pushing you to overcome obstacles, work a bit harder and pursue happiness.


Hopestake has a very strong setup of trainings which includes 101 training on all the daily aspects of life. Out of 101 trainings 10 trainings are about supervision which are compulsory for startup of business with Hopestake. The 10 supervision trainings make work easier for you and help you in team building process which ultimately grow your business successfully. These trainings are described below:

(a) Basic Training:

Basic training, taught by expert leaders and trainers with demonstrate effectiveness in Hopestake, will equip you with a strong foundation, including fundamental knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to be successful. You will learn strategic thinking for brands products, and develop proficiency in creating impactful marketing communication to market these brand products.

(i) Meet People:

This is a people business. In Hopestake, the first skill to learn is making connections with people. To be successful in Hopestake, you have to let your hair down and get out and mix it up with other persons. If you are not a people person, direct selling business probably isn’t for you.

In Hopestake we deal with people, we meet people every day, people of all ages, profession, class, religion, positive people, and negative people. Indeed we should say we meet people from all walks of life. When you interact with every kind of person on day to day basic then you tend to develop a skill within you which helps you understand people, their thinking and mentality.

Success in the Hopestake is built on mutual trust and quality time spent enhancing relationships with your network, and these do not only benefit you professionally but it helps you create good friends as well.

(ii) Attend Hopestake Training Programs:

Hopestake always remains in an effort to support and advance sales professionals with tools, sales training, and resources that accelerate their success. Training is an integral part of our company’s culture. We build a training program that supports our IBOs across all skill levels.

Company has a special team of trainers for every region. These trainers conduct regular trainings from time-to-time to train the IBOs about various products and their usage. These trainings are done for IBOs and new joiners to understand the products and to learn and improve upon their communication and selling skills. Such trainings are conducted at a place/ time which is convenient for all the consultants from that area to attend. Apart from these trainings, Company’s regional teams also help these new joiners in conducting such meetings at their homes/ outlets for them to start with the business and get the comfort of organizing such meetings in future on their own. Since people only get paid when you succeed, other people have a genuine interest to help you get better. Your sponsors will make it their business to help you in any way that they can. Absolutely free of charge! When you invite people to meetings, your sponsor is doing all of the talking, while you listen. This means typically that you get paid while you learn.

(iii) Product Knowledge:

Product knowledge is an essential sales skill.

  1. Hopestake provides conventional and creative sources of information to impart knowledge of it's products and services to it's IBOs. When you have knowledge of your products or services, you will be more confident and will be able to present company products and their benefits accurately and customers will be more likely to trust your sales. Indeed Product knowledge is power. Product knowledge helps you respond to any objections properly. Power that helps you close more sales.

Hopestake is presenting extreme quality consumer products that will meet your needs and save you time and money.

(b) Preparation:

Network 101 training system is very important in equipping the IBO who intend to make a success with the dynamic platform of Hopestake. If you want success in Hopestake career you will have to plug into training calls, team calls, and attend events. If you want a huge, successful team of networkers and leaders, that has duplication, every person must plug into our network 101 training system. It’s the most important thing you can teach your team.

i. Imagination:

Imagination is the source of all human achievements.

Imagination play an important role in social, emotional, creative, physical, linguistic and cognitive development and it helps IBOs to come up with innovative ideas. In the journey of your success, you will have to use your imagination. You will have to use pictures or images to look at the positive outcome of your life. Being able to use your imaginary skills well, requires constant practice. Imagining the final picture of dream is a wonderful plan used by successful people in preparation for a big achievement to improve their performance.

ii. Be Mentally Prepared:

We mentally train our IBOs to enhance their reaction time and self-confidence. Being mentally prepared makes one also mentally challenging. A well trained and mentally prepared IBO can easily overcome the stress and anxiety brought about by the tough working. Being prepared allows the IBOs to get their skills in high gear, hone the body for endurance, and set oneself into the right mindset for best performance.

We educate our IBOs that how much time, effort, dedication, and concentration they require to be successful by using dynamic platform of Hopestake. We prepare them to be mentally ready and always insist them to invest in one’s self first. Whether in a direct selling, performing live, or any event, being prepared is the key to managing your fears, having confidence, and achieving success.

iii. Prepare and Practice Selling Skills:

Hopestake has a very talented and experienced team of leaders who deliver sufficient trainings to all IBOs and make them to practice every day to hone their prospecting, presentation, communication, follow up and selling skills. Enough hours are invested by every IBO in creating their masterpieces. When you train and practice well, you acquire the necessary skills to be confident in presenting your business or show your performance.

In Hopestake you will learn how to create strategic marketing plans, understand how to set your working and life goals and learning objectives.

You will learn how Hopestake platform is different from other companies and will help you to fill full your dreams.

iv. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:

If you really want to be successful in your network marketing/ direct selling career then first you will have to come out of your comfort zone. You can gain self-tolerance, self-control and self-confidence when you gradually leave your comfort zone. This helps you strengthen your determination to face other complex and difficult tasks. We will prepare you with the fundamental knowledge, skills and strategies you need to be successful in direct selling.

(c) Presentation:

If you want to measure your success in Hopestake then you will have to monitor your presentation skills. You can't make interest of people and grow your business if you are not good in presenting your business.

Hopestake have very talented and impressive team of presenters in most of the cities of Pakistan. Every presenter is selected after a tough selection criteria based on knowledge, confidence and attractive presenting skills. Once you have been selected as a presenter cum trainer of Hopestake then you will be awarded a preceptor code after recommendation of HTD and you will become eligible for an exclusive preceptor commission that will be given to Preceptors only. For this Hopestake first arrange trainings on building presenting cum training skills. These trainings help you to gain confidence, improve knowledge and hence improve your business presentation skills. You will learn to leverage communication techniques to persuade audiences and guide outcomes. Through our programs, you will explore key strategies and gain effective tools to engage and inspire others across a variety of business contexts. Confidence, and conviction is essential in connecting with your audience and inspiring them by building trust and credibility.

We arrange oral presentations and small group activities, where you will put proven techniques and tools into practice, test out new approaches, and learn to communicate clearly and confidently.

Learn how to effectively organize materials to blend analytical and emotional content into a compelling story, and incorporate dynamic introductions and memorable endings into your presentations.

You’ll leave the program with the skills needed to engage, inform, and inspire others and improve your ability to communicate as a leader.

In fact, you will learn guiding principles of making effective presentations and will be in a position to deliver powerful, high impact business presentations that audiences remember and act on.

(d) Diary Maintaining:

After joining Hopestake the first step to start your business is diary maintaining to utilize time and complete tasks and appointments in a very effective and efficient way.

i. Hopestake Business Booklet:

In this regard company not only provide trainings but also give a free of cost printed Business Booklet to all it's IBOs on their initial joining with Hopestake which includes company presentation, profile, vision and mission, roadmap, basic training for direct selling and property selling including daily, weekly and monthly schedules to build team and enhance sales.

ii. Take some time to Customize It:

Although Hopestake provides the customized Booklet which include all the ingredients of managing business but you should also spend some time in customizing it and getting it ready to help you through the year ahead. Assigning colors, including highlighter colors, and creating a key on a page at the front or back of your Booklet, it will help you in using it more effectively.

iii. Maintaining Your Name List and Wok List:

To be successful in Hopestake business, you need to first choose a team of people who will help you in achieving your goals and targets. A diary will help you to maintain the list of those prospects (people) whom you want to introduce in your business and make your team. This list can include people from all walks of life that is your relative, friends, neighbors, colleagues and your social media friends or strangers may be too.

Another list of the main things you do each day is to be maintained on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This method is most useful if you just want a high-level overview of your progress or want to make sure you are working to your priorities.

iv. Help in Follow Ups:

To affectively follow up on your business you need to keep a diary to schedule your contacts. Maintaining a list whom you have presented, your business on diary will help you in follow up and closing the sales.

v. Personal Growth:

The most important benefit of diary maintaining is personal growth. Diary helps you in the development of self-regulatory strategies such as effective preparation, monitoring and self-questioning. Keeping regular work diaries, which took no more than 15 to 20 minutes will help you in goal settings and self-improvement. Keeping a diary, offers the chance to improve self-awareness. It’s a really easy way to improve your well-being. You will manage personal finances and avoid uncertainties in future and enhance your business growth.

iv. Organize Your Thoughts and Create New Ideas:

Diaries help us to organize our thoughts and make them apprehensible. You can record daily events, thoughts and feelings about certain experiences or opinions. Journey allows you to tag and archive your diary entries. It’s also a handy place to make notes during phone conversations and when brilliant thought comes into your mind. Then you can flip back through to recall what you’ve written.

vii. Keep track of your activities:

Improving planning and scheduling:

Good planning begins with solid self-knowledge, both in terms of how long tasks take you and what behaviors, processes or distractions threaten your progress. Knowing what’s coming up and how you’re addressing ongoing tasks is vital to staying on track with priorities.

viii. Help to Reduce Stress:

When you keep a diary and write down your issues, frustrations, anxieties and problems can make you happier. It develop ability of resilience to reduce our anxieties and settle our nerves in potentially stressful situations. You give yourself a way to better deal with negative thoughts and situations.

ix. Manage Your Time/ Schedule Events:

Diaries have the ability to improve an individual’s time management. Properly maintained diaries help you in determining which responsibilities or events are most important, so that proper time can be allocated to complete them. You can also add a countdown or set reminders in the lead up to important events to mentally prepare for them.

x. Proactive Approach for Tomorrow:

At the end of each day, week, and month commit last 30 minutes of your work day in preparing your strategy for the coming tomorrow, week’s and monthly schedule, your appointments, workload and deadlines for new prospects presentations, societies visits and follow up meetings with previous prospects.

(e) IT Session & Social Media Handling:

IT session:

To handle business tree according to your rank, to manage team and purchasing from E-commerce store is a complex work which has to be done after learning and understanding in a proper way. We create advanced innovative learning solutions, specifically tailored to your requirements.

The first thing you have to learn after joining Hopestake and building your team is how to carried out purchasing from Hopestake's store and how to successfully manage your Hopestake business tree and team, hereof, there are proper training sessions for you and your team in which every member of Hopestake is being given training about:

i. How to check and transfer your commissions to other member or to withdraw through your bank account.

ii. How to carry out purchasing from e-store of Hopestake whether for new joining or for repurchasing from your own business account.

iii. How to view and manage successfully your business tree for a balance team which will help you to fulfil your dreams.

iv. How to check your balance of all the and transfer desire amount of payment from one wallet to another or to same wallet of other member's account.

v. Previous reports of all transactions whether in or out carried out from your business account.

vi. How to view your current Hopestake's business rank.

vii. How to view and update your profile of your business account.

viii. How to change your security information.

ix. How to fill the joining form for new sign up in Hopestake.

x. How to make new Gmail or any other email ID for new sign up of your team member and how to login your business account.

When a member go through the above IT training sessions then it helps him/ her to manage his/ her business successfully and prevent him/ her from any hurdle, difficulty or any mistake.

(f) Social media:

Now a days any business is incomplete without social media. You can enhance your business globally 100 times by using social media. Social media is an opportunity and we are getting benefits from it. By using social media you can expand your business in the whole world. You can market your product more efficiently and successfully than normal marketing. You can educate people about your business far better by using social media and can grow your business on international level.

Therefore, company provide you complete trainings about social media handling, whereby you can improve your business along with your team. These Social media trainings give you the edge to stay competitive in an increasingly complex and fast-paced market.

(g) Tree/ Team Management:

Hopestake helps it's IBOs in team building in which you can strengthen your relationship with your colleagues and enhance your cooperating skills.

As you start building your own business, you start a team of your own with your down line. This team will benefit from your personal support and those of your up line. To build a massive team of direct selling require complex sales and marketing strategies.

We use very specific strategies and principles that work no matter where you are building your business.

i. Recruit New IBOs:

Recruit and develop a team with diverse skills and backgrounds, and give the team members both the tools and the space to build trust among each other.

If you are trying to enhance and want your team remain active, the first step is always to pick up your OWN RECRUITING pace.

ii. Training:

To build a massive and successful team you have to make training a priority within your team and balance it with a culture that allows team members to thrive and improve their selling skills.

As Richard Branson famously said;

“Train people well enough so they can leave, but treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

No matter where you are in your business, you should spend at least 2 hours weekly training your team, try to do that on a weekly call, and webinar or at a live event, such as a home meeting or other live meeting. Make weekly and monthly trainings schedules in your outlets and monthly mega events, as vents are always very motivational. You should end your event with a next clear strategy message that will drive duplication and action taking.

iii. Make Good Relations:

In Hopestake, you will learn the art of becoming friends with your team rather than just colleagues. So, if you want to build a massive team, start touching your team where it matters. Connect with them on a deeper level and put extra time into your interactions with them. Be open, transparent, and authentic. Your team should know what it is getting from you no matter the circumstances.

The pace at which we can grow a massive team will always depend on the quality of the relationship that we develop with our leaders and team members. If we invest our time in true long-lasting friendships then a massive growth in our team and business will be waiting for us.

iv. Appreciation and Recognition:

Recognize the emotions that your team members are experiencing. Praise those who are succeeding and encourage those who are struggling. Never berate team members, publicly or privately. Being polite with others will not only make you popular among other people but also earn you respect and pride.

Encourage creativity and innovation in your team through exercises such as brainstorming. When people feel recognized for their achievements, they are more likely to continue performing their best.

In Hopestake your hard work will get regular recognition and appreciation. You can now become part of a strong community of people who all want you to succeed as it directly benefits everyone. This is very rare to find in a job. Work with truly exceptional people who will value your talents and inspire your achievements.

Hopestake spends heavy amounts of its profit on recognition. Recognition includes awards, contests, incentives, promotions, events and National/ International tours.

v. Together We Grow:

At Hopestake we maintain a fun and positive work environment by developing strong personal connections and working together to build solutions.

Creating a united enthusiast team that support one another, plays together and develops a team culture full of belonging, tradition and recognition, will certainly grow your business exponentially.

Small steps like having a meeting with your team members after the presentation, home-meeting, corner meetings or a large event, will make your team members not just feel special, but it will give them more belief and strength to go further.

In the end, if you remember and practice above all the points then your team and your income will grow exponentially.

(h) Financial Management:

Nothing is more important in a business than understanding the finances. It is the process of planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring financial resources with a view to achieve life goals and objectives.

Hopestake provides special trainings on financial management to it's IBOs. In these trainings you will learn how to manage your money, saving and investing as well as get advises about financial and investment opportunities. These financial trainings enhance your ability to make sound financial decisions and helps in achieving financial stability.

i. Financial Education:

We are striving to bring the people of our nation out of illiteracy and exposing them to the light of knowledge. Hopestake’s mission is to make its IBOs financially literate by providing free of cost financial education and services through it's most experienced financial advisors. When you're financially literate, you understand how to allocate your income toward various goals simultaneously not just to ongoing expenses, but to savings, debt repayment and an emergency fund too.

ii. Financial advisors:

Hopestake has a talented and experienced team of financial advisors. These experienced financial advisor can answer your questions, whether you’re seeking information on day-to-day money management issues, or advice on complex issues involving your business or personal finances and investments. Our advisors are continues making efforts to be the best at explaining and making investments. We focus on helping to make you understand complexities of your financial situation. Your financial plan is designed with your personalized goals in mind. You will learn how financial resources are maximally utilized in the best possible manner at least cost in order to get maximum returns on investments.

iii. Financial Planning:

Hopestake have a team of certified financial planners who will design a plan to evaluate your current financial situation and guide you to achieve your financial goals which ultimately direct you toward true financial freedom. In order to create an effective financial plan for the future, we start with analyzing your current financial situation, current assets and also make logical assumptions about the future. Our financial advisors make financial policies, procedures, programs and budgets in relation to procurement, investment and administration of funds of Company and it's IBO's. Financial Planning helps in reducing the uncertainties and ensures financial stability.

iv. Managing and Assessing Risk:

Our financial advisors assess you how to control a variety of risks, including Market risk, Credit risk, Liquidity risk and Operational risk.

(j) Personality Development:

The most precious reward given by Hopestake to it's IBOs is their personality development which plays a vital role in achieving their goals and targets to become a successful business man. Hopestake provides countless trainings on personality development to her IBOs by experienced, professional and talented leaders in which you will learn how to develop the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. Personality development occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment.

i. Personal Growth:

Hopestake organized Personal development Specializations and courses in which we teach you strategies and frameworks for personal growth, goal setting, and self-improvement. Here you'll learn to manage personal finances, deliver effective speeches, make ethical decisions, and think more creatively. It assists you in communicating clearly, convincingly, and precisely avoid misunderstandings, and improve your relationships.

Actually, our leadership work on building your capacities, nurturing your talent, enhancing new skill sets, working on your weaknesses, and transforming them into strengths.

At every step, our extensive product and business, personal development and relationship management training, events and meetings help you achieve personal and professional growth

ii. Self-awareness:

The ability to know one’s own strengths and limitations, reflect on experience, act on feedback, and express one’s skills. Personality development helps you work on yourself and truly achieve growth that reflects in your life. When you take time out to work on your personality, you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

iii. Live stress-free:

Personality development goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts. It encourages individuals to look at the brighter sides of life.

You start seeing yourself in a positive light while working on personality development and soft skills. As you keep working on yourself and connecting more with your thoughts, you stop worrying about situations that are out of your control. Face even the worst situations with a smile. Trust me, flashing your trillion dollar smile will not only melt half of your problems but also evaporate your stress and worries.

iv. Positive attitude:

Personality development helps you develop a positive attitude in life. An individual with a negative attitude finds a problem in every situation. Rather than cribbing and criticizing people around, analyze the whole situation and try to find an appropriate solution for the same. Remember, if there is a problem, there has to be a solution as well. Never lose your cool. It would make the situation worse. A person with a positive attitude always looks at the brighter side and is always on a developmental path.

v. A Balance Life:

Personality development sessions help you differentiate between your personal as well as professional life. Set boundaries between your personal and professional lives. It is really essential to keep a balance between both the lives to lead a peaceful and stress free life.

vi. Positive Qualities:

Personality development enables an individual to discover and inculcate positive qualities like punctuality, flexible attitude, willingness to learn, friendly nature, eagerness to help others and so on. Never hesitate to share information with others. Always reach office on time.

vii. Smile a lot:

Personality development not only makes you look good and presentable but also helps you face the world with a smile. Nothing works better than a big smile when it comes to interacting with people around. Do not forget to flash your trillion dollar smile quite often, believe me it works. As they say “a smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. A smiling face wins even the toughest soul. Wear your smile while interacting with others. Smile not only helps in enhancing an individual’s personality but also winning other’s heart.

viii. Confidence:

It builds that one winning quality in you is confidence. Confident people are more equipped to succeed in the long run. Confidence is the key to a positive personality. When we're confident, we're more likely to move forward with people and opportunities not back away from them. Personality development makes you a confident individual who is appreciated and respected wherever he goes.

ix. Dress Sensibly:

An individual who is well dressed is respected and liked by all. In personality development you will learn how to dress sensibly and according to the occasion. No one would take you seriously if you do not wear suitable clothes fitting with occasions. Good and accurate dressing can really make you stand apart from the rest.

x. Appreciation and recognition:

Personality development helps you gain recognition and acceptance from the society as well as people around. An individual needs to have that magnetic power which attracts people towards him. You need to have that charisma of yours.

(k) Goal Setting:

Setting goals is a great method to achieve almost everything that you want. If you want to succeed in Hopestake or any other platform of life, you need to have set your working, business, life goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction.

Hopestake arrange comprehensive and extensive training programs on setting goals in all it's outlets at different cities. These training programs help you identify your ideal goals and set them in the right order according to their priority levels. Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to put a plan into action. We help you to set goals with measurable targets in areas where you have room to grow goals, prioritize goals, and take responsibility for accomplishing them. We prevent you for falling short of your stated goals or making mistakes along the way you will learn how to take control of your life's direction.

Setting goals helps cultivate new behaviors, helps guides your focus and helps you sustain that momentum in life. Small goals can help you stay focused on achieving what you want to because it allows you to take things step by step until you reach your final goal. Our training programs will help you in determining most effective way to build a high-performance team. The goals you set should be realistic given your financial situation. Additionally, it is important to set both long-term and short-term goals.

How to Set Your Goals:

i. Set Specific Goals:

Your goal must be specific and well defined because otherwise they won’t give you enough direction to follow through. Vague or generalized goals are unhelpful because they don't provide sufficient direction.

According to a research paper from the American Psychological Association, setting specific goals led to a higher performance 90% of the time for companies studied. Goals are like a lamp lighting the way the brighter the light, the clearer the road ahead.

“If you don’t have clearly defined goals, you lose. Think about the results you want to achieve and for this purpose what activities you need to do.”

ii. Set Measurable Goals:

Include precise amounts, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success. Give yourself realistic deadlines to finish the task at hand. Adding specific dates, amounts, etc., makes your progress quantifiable. For example, instead of saying “Reduce expenses,” say something like, “Reduce expenses by 10% in the next 12 months.” That gives you a fixed amount, a time frame to complete your goal and visualize a finish line.

iii. Set Attainable Goals:

Make sure that it's possible to achieve the goals you set. By setting realistic yet challenging goals, you hit the balance you need and they bring the greatest personal satisfaction. If you set a goal that you have no hope of achieving, you will only demoralize yourself and erode your confidence. So, set realistic and manageable goals. Decide what you want to accomplish in a day and stop when you’re done.

iv. Set Relevant Goals:

Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take. Balancing the alignment between long term and short term will give you the focus you’ll need. Set widely scattered and inconsistent goals, and you'll fritter your time and your life away.

v. Set Time-Bound Goals:

Your goals must have a deadline. Again, this means that you know when you can celebrate success. Having a finish line will mean you’ll get to celebrate when you accomplish your goal. When you are working on a deadline, your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker.

Harry Mills, author of Zero Resistance said the best: “Successful entrepreneurs map out their goals to achieve them.

(m) Property Selling Skills:

In order to enhance company products sale and create business opportunities, Hopestake provide trainings on property selling skills to it's IBOs by virtue of which we make our IBOs able to determine the needs and priorities of potential customers and influence their purchase decisions. Selling basically involves determining the needs and wants of potential clients and then influencing in order to enhance business opportunities. These skill trainings builds a sustainable competitive advantage.

IBOs along with their new prospects not only enjoy free societies visit of different valuable and best property projects but also get the opportunity to learn the selling skills of property.

Hopestake have designed programs to develop leaders who can guide and positively impact business and society. We educate and train our IBOs to identify purpose on the levels of self, teams, company, and society and how to apply those dimensions to shape company strategies that have an impact. These new curricular elements taught on ground and online will permit distinctive pathways for professional and traditional students.

i. Area Knowledge:

Hopestake make it's IBOs familiar with the place and local area of all the societies which are included in the schedule of Grand Visits. This knowledge gives you an edge in terms of understanding the rules and regulations in different areas and communities, as well as knowing the likely value of a property. Successful outcome is attained from identifying and developing a focus in the local real estate market that allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition. Having good knowledge of local market will allow you to service clients more effectively and close the sale successfully.

ii. Communication Skills:

Good communication skills are vital to become a successful estate professional. Our leaders will educate you how to treat people and know how to communicate the interests of your prospects. Effective communication skills help you in connecting with customers, negotiating contracts, closing a sale. You will learn how to convince both parties to close a successful deal. You will have to improve your communication skill in order to make your way up the corporate ladder.

iii. Ethics:

Your good professional reputation plays a vital role to have a successful career in real estate selling and buying property is not a one day job and it takes a lot of time and effort to get both parties to agree terms before they sign a contract.

Hopestake have very talented, experienced and professional leaders who educate step by step to it's IBOs and new customers through great work ethics. They build an occupational and professional reputation based on nothing else but merit and continually address and suggest solutions to problematic ethical issues that might arise in the course of your career. They focus on improving personal and professional standards of our IBOs. They insist on work ethics like one should be truthful and honest in his communications with the public and present a true picture in their marketing, advertising, and other presentations to gain maximum outcome from real-estate. You will learn how to never give up and puts all your efforts into buying and selling properties. To make investment in property is an important decision, people will not show interest in buying property from a person who is sloppy, nor one who does not take their job seriously.

iv. Engaging personality:

In Hopestake you will not just sell properties but sell your selves. It’s important to show your real personality. People will respond to you if you have a great attitude, appear sincere with a genuine curiosity, has an attractive manner interest, warmth, understanding in, and empathy with them .You have to be honest, have confidence in your abilities, good sense of humor, having a really warm and engaging smile and should be interested in helping them and others.

v. Familiarity with Rules and Regulations:

You will learn how rules and regulations apply to real estate in a particular region. You will become familiar with all laws relating to a property so that you will not communicate inaccurate information to clients, or mislead in any other way. You will learn how to guides clients through all the necessary paperwork and legal technicalities related to a sale.

vi. Persistence:

It takes persistence and discipline to be a long-term success in your real estate business. Persistence is a key to success in real-estate business.

Many agents who want to make it big in the real estate industry fail in one important aspect: follow up. To be successful in  real estate you should not wait for clients to call you, rather you have to keep a check on all appointments, meetings and showings yourself. Nothing can take the place of persistence in sales not skill, not talent, not experience, not education. You have to be flexible and have to adjust your schedule if the client requests.

vii. Passion:

Popular and successful real estate agents are those who enjoy what they do for a living.

You must have a passion to serve people by showing them the best properties within their budget. Estate agency also requires a respect for diversity so that people from all cultures and neighborhoods are accommodated, satisfied and happy.

You will never see a successful estate agent who is haggard, frustrated or bored with their job.

Good agents are enthusiastic about what they do, are presentable, and take care of their appearance. In Hopestake you will not only get a chance to help your clients accomplish beneficial property investments but also build your own successful real estate career.

Hopestake makes it's IBOs persistent, passionate and aware of the dynamics of the real estate in their local community.

These trainings create abilities in our IBOs to build relationships with customers, persuade them to make purchases and generate repeat business, which is at the heart of selling.

How to become a trainer:

Hopestake organize training programs/ workshops and events for the training of it's trainers and leaders to enhance their capabilities and improve qualities. These training programs helps trainers to understand how to design the best content, use various training techniques, methodologies and tactics to transform them into professional trainers. We cover anything and everything that can help an IBOs to become a competent trainer. To evaluate their learning, Hopestake provides different opportunities like weekly and monthly basic, advance training, whole night training and multiple days training programs at pleasant stations where new trainers practice to deliver training at their best of the best. The session finally ends with a feedback session which includes a self-evaluation and audience evaluation.

5. Revive Traditions:

(a) Pakistani Traditions:

Pakistan with its rich and varied heritage has a craft tradition dating back to the Meher-garh civilization in Baluchistan, when reveals the earliest evidence for pottery production. The Indus Valley civilization of Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh and Harappa civilization in Punjab indicates impressions of woven cloth production from cotton and wool.

Pakistan’s handicraft industry must be revived, otherwise centuries-old traditional culture and inherited knowledge will vanish. Moreover, there is a need to attract foreign investment to overcome resource problems and improve the competitive capability of the enterprising community. We have to put some constructive strategies for the revival of the traditional handicraft industry.

(b) Expertise of Pakistani Artisans:

There are thousands of master artisans in the rural areas of Pakistan. They have proved their talent putting their creativity in arts, crafts and innovation. There handicrafts include embroidered items , block printing, lacquer work, pottery, tie and dye, dolls, khaddar, truck art, woodwork, metal work, shawls, zari work, motikari, traditional carpets, ajrak, wax printing and stonework.

Some artist are experts in stain glass, fabric designing and traditional furniture painting. They paints landscapes, floral motifs, birds, animals and Mughals in his paintings as well on papier Mache artifacts.

(c) The Role of Hopestake in Reviving Pakistan Tradition:

i. Our Objectives:

It is the objective of Hopestake to conserve and revive indigenous culture of Pakistan through diverse initiatives. Company is going to explore work of artisans from different parts of the region and assisting them in preserving and showcasing their work internationally. Hopestake will give encouragement to small-scale artisans who working on traditional handicrafts.

ii. Problem Solving:

In Pakistan traditional handicraft producers are facing many problems that obstruct their survival and growth. Hopestake aims to examine issues affecting the growth and survival of traditional handicraft enterprising community in Pakistan. It is necessary to protect the traditional culture and the expertise in order to maintain the identity of local communities. We analyzes their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as develops strategic solutions to overcome the problems identified for their revival.

iii. Creating Business Opportunities:

Literacy rate of Pakistan is very low, which means a significant part of the population is unaware of technology and social media which can be used as a productive tool to gain more profit and take more orders within less time. Artisan business can create new opportunities and help establish new markets and enhance additional income sources. Hopestake is going to take concrete steps to plan the best approach to create communities/ home based businesses with the help of it's innovative and dynamic platform which are essential for the local artisans that generate income, improve living standards, support their families, and provide additional employment opportunities to local communities, especially women in rural and urban areas in Pakistan.

iv. Promote Products at International Level:

Our aim is to strengthen our culture and traditions by expanding it on international level. We are taking steps to facilitate artisans to market their craft at the international level. For this purpose, local products will be launched at the international level and artisans will be trained to use adequate technology of internet and market products by using diverse and innovative platform of www.hopestake.com.

v. Display Centers:

Most traditional crafts in Pakistan are a product of social practices. The onslaught of the industrial age is erasing this craft heritage, even in rural areas. But there is a recent trend towards displaying crafts as art objects in urban homes. Historic forms and designs are being revived both by the increasing number of trained craftsmen and by designers for export.

We are trying to explore work of artisans from different parts of the region and assisting them in preserving and showcasing their work internationally.

Display centers will be established at different big cities of Pakistan where handicrafts will be put on display to attract foreign tourists.

vi. Festivals:

In future Hopestake will organize  fashion shows, which featuring handcrafted items, woven handicrafts, traditional music along with rituals, changing seasons and sentiments in various parts of Pakistan will be highlighted  for the promotion of fabric and traditional style. Traditional crafts based on jute, meenakari or tarkashi and woven or embroidered textiles such as bandhani will add a cultural tradition touch to the show. Festivals of artistic traditions will help keep the dying arts alive among a wider audience, especially the youth. Display of murals, depiction of rural and folk life by creating temporary structures and decorative objects will leave a positive impact on the young generation.


We have a deep desire to revive the lost interest in arts and an involvement in related activities. The future trajectory of Pakistan could be full of violence and extremism but a renewed interest among the young generation in their traditions could provide a silver lining.

We always believed this day will come when we work together to bring pride, values and our traditional power back on the right track.

6. Planning:

From the day first (August,2014), Hopestake leadership has made a plan for the next fourteen years including a clear vision and mission along with it's morale value, and due to it's strategic planning. Hopestake has completed it's four phases of roadmap successfully and now in it's fifth phase i.e. Cross Over Market (COM) in October 2022 with its update 2.0 in September 2023.

(a) Set Goals:

Planning is a vital aspect of our strategy. The planning process includes identifying and setting achievable goals, developing necessary strategies, and outlining the tasks and schedules on how to achieve the set goals. Without a good plan, little can be achieved. Planning is based on foresight, the fundamental capacity for mental time travel. The evolution of forethought, the capacity to think ahead, is considered to have been a prime mover in human evolution. Planning helps us to visualize not only a desired end result, but the steps necessary to achieve that result. Once a plan has been developed it is possible to measure and assess progress, efficiency and effectiveness

Hopestake has a planning process and a plan to follow that it's IBOs and leaders are better equipped to prepare for the future. They organize their activities in line with set guidelines. They formulate set of actions and strategies to pursue and achieve company objectives with the available resources. Planning in business is essential to success. A business plan creates a focus for the company, uniting IBOs toward common goals. When everyone works together, it’s easier to manage time and resources, to position the company for growth.

(b) Team Building:

In Hopestake, planning improves team building and a spirit of cooperation. When the plan is completed and communicated to IBOs of the company, everyone knows what their responsibilities are, and how other areas of the company need their assistance and expertise in order to complete assigned goals. They see how their work contributes to the success of the company as a whole and can take pride in their contributions.

Planning helps a business to identify its goals.

The planning process provides the information top management needs to make effective decisions about how to allocate the resources in a way that will enable the organization to reach its objectives.

(c) Manage Time Efficiently:

Managers need to be able to plan using a range of project management techniques. They need to be able to develop Project Charters, Business Cases etc. to establish the project and then use planning techniques to effectively plan and control the project. They need to be able to effectively assess risk, eliminate the risk or establish contingency plans should the risk occur.

If a company doesn’t know what it’s working to achieve, leaders won’t know where to focus their efforts. When a business plan isn’t in place, a company often wastes time on tasks that bring little or no added value to the bottom line, according to Tim Berry at B plans. Planning allows a business to determine which responsibilities are most important, so that proper time can be allocated to completing them.

(d) Handle with uncertainty:

Planning has gained importance because of uncertain and constantly changing business environment. In the absence of planning all the business activities of the organization will become meaningless. Bad planning and a lack of strategy is one of the big reason of failures in business.

Planning improves the ability to face and overcome, or at least reduce, uncertainty.

With the help of planning, possible changes in future are anticipated and various activities are planned in the best possible way. In this way, the risk of future uncertainties can be minimized.

Hopestake has been facing many uncertainties and unexpected situations from the early days. The company always has a plan in place, management is better-equipped to handle uncertainty. Plans can be created to handle possible future scenarios, so that the company is prepared for any situation with a list of resources. We also trained our IBOs to handle uncertain circumstances. They learn how to manage decisions adaptively in the worst case scenario according to their needs and desires by avoiding emotional risk. Ambiguous circumstances can bring a company down, but proper preparation can be the key to staying afloat during hard times.

(e) Grow existing Business:

Creating a strategic plan is a key part of planning for growth of business. Proper planning allows our management to expand the business. We always have a plan is in place which assist our management to easily review the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Our leaders always prepare thorough framework for company growth that includes objectives, strategies and plans for achieving business growth goals. This allows leaders to map out areas into which the business could successfully expand. Actually planning keep our growth efforts on track and ensures that our company expands in a targeted and organized way. Productivity is maximized and resources are not wasted on projects with little chance of success. Having a strategic plan makes it easier to identify opportunities for new business induction.

(f) Process of Succession Planning:

Hopestake’s management always remain focused in recognizing, developing and retaining leadership talent among it's IBOs by Succession planning. They identify important positions throughout the company, and are identifying possible successors for those positions and preparing those successors, through training and experience, to step in to leadership roles when needed. Succession planning is an ongoing process that allows all companies, large and small, to ensure a continuity of quality leadership and knowledge retention.

Succession planning allows companies to avoid disruption that can lead to a loss of productivity. This disruption can occur when a senior leader leaves or reduces his role, moves to a different position within the company or is unwilling to continue the current role. Recruitment can be a costly and time-consuming process, and a company can save valuable time and money by having a successor and a succession plan in place. Company’s succession planning can also help plans for future development, by highlighting skills that will be needed in the future and making sure key leaders are trained in those areas

(g) Helps to Secure and Managing Talent:

The talent that we recruit and retain with Hopestake is one of most valuable business assets which is responsible for the growth and future success of our company. Planning help in creating and maintaining a high-performing workforce according to the needs and overall objectives of the Company.

Long-term succession planning prepares future leaders from existing staff. Our top management evaluates the company's future goals, identifies the positions necessary to meet those goals and then develops the right people in the right roles to meet the needs of company. This involve trainings of the existing IBOs in the skills and abilities they will need to meet the company's future needs. This strategy allows management to be certain that future leaders already fit into the company culture, but can be expensive and time consuming.

The planning process helps managers make difficult decisions about how best to deploy the capital, human resources and other assets of company. Senior leadership holds regular meetings (weekly, monthly and quarterly) to review progress on the action plan, take note of deviations, recognize successes and make needed course corrections.

7. Likeability:

Likeability leads to trust, and trust is the foundation of good relationships. The ability to make a real connection, and make the other person like you is a big part of our success or failure. It's important to remember the common phrase used in the sales profession: "All things being equal, people buy from people they like.

Hopestake is a Brand in real estate and direct selling field at Pakistan and is well-liked by our customers and IBOs. Ways that this trust is built up were though and included engaging our customers and IBOs with relevant updates and news, listening to them and taking their input or recommendations/ concerns, connecting with them through all of the above, providing a service and giving excellent customer to consumer relations.

We listen and adapt our customers by taking their feedback seriously,

Factors enhance Likeability:

(a) Listening to the Customers:

Many businesses lose resources when they don’t listen to their customers as it is crucial to listen customers and respond to their feedback. But, we listen and adapt our customers, IBOs, partners and investors by taking their feedback seriously. We always ask for our consumer’s opinion, we let them know how much their thoughts matters to our company.

(b) Fair prices:

We provide our customers products with real value for their money. There are real, genuine people behind our Brands, people who care about more than just money. We facilitate esteemed customers with best valued, genuine & legal societies and other daily use products at competitive low cast than the society published and open market rates. Our customers feel like they have got the true value for their money.

(c) Transparency:

Most of the customers are likely to show satisfaction to a brand that offers complete transparency as trust is an essential foundation for any long-lasting relationship. People are significantly more satisfied with brands that are transparent about different aspects of their business. We are very much transparent when it comes to our products and services including what they contain, pricing, values and how they were produced and where they come from.

(d) Customer’s Needs:

We always keep the focus on the needs of our customers. We primarily focus on providing timely, empathetic help that keeps customer’s needs at the forefront of every interaction. The Company has expanded into many supreme products and services that all meet the consumer's needs. 

(e) Simplicity:

In design, in form, and in function.

(f) Respond to customer queries quickly:

Hopestake work on the policy of quick first reply to it's customers and IBOs to attain higher customer satisfaction. We respond quickly to enquiries of our customers. Our speedy support resolutions resulted in good customer experience.

(g) Be confident and humble:

Self-confident people have no problem pointing out their faults or shortcomings because they accept their strengths and weaknesses. They recognize that looking less than perfect makes them human, which also makes them authentic and likeable.

His humility made him credible and real.

(h) Pay attention and be present:

We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas. Our continued success requires us to provide the education and development needed to help our people grow. We are committed to openness and trust in all relationships.

Companies and individuals spend time and money every year going to networking events. The goal is to meet people and build relationships. Most are wasting their time because they keep checking their technology. They aren't present, attentive or likeable.

Likeable people make a decision as to where they want to be. They understand that attention and focus makes people feel important.

(j) Supreme Quality Products:-

Hopestake presents supreme quality brand products to it's customers and IBOs. Customers have more confidence in our Brands. Hopestake introduces Likeable brands and strives to surprise and delight its customers. 

(k) Keep Your Promises:

Nothing is going to break consumer’s trust quicker than a broken promise. Hopestake always fulfilled it's promises with customers, IBOs and leaders. Hopestake always treats its customers and IBOs with kindness, respect, dignity and consideration. We always keep the focus on their needs.

Due to compassionate and humanistic approach Hopestake’s products, brands and societies are transfixed in its customers’ memory.

(m) Establish a customer-focused culture:

Hopestake’s culture of prioritizes customer satisfaction from top to bottom. Giving something back to the people who have helped made our business successful is an excellent way of demonstrating that  we cares about people, and the interests of our customers. In addition, satisfaction of customers is first point of our Vision and Mission.

(n) Customer’s Expectations:

To meat customer’s expatiations, Hopestake interacts with customers by phone, email, text message, and social media. Hopestake have created a set of guiding principles for how it's IBO engages with the customers. Our IBOs put customers at the center of every decision they make.

(p) Excellent Customer Service:

Hopestake and it's IBOs make endeavor efforts to deliver excellent customer service. We treat our customers with respect and a friendly manner. We respond quickly to inquiries of our customers. Our objective is to meet needs of customers and solve their problems. In this regard, Hopestake provides a happy return policy, offer a free exchange, or ship a brand new product for free. 

(q) Provide convenience:

We provide a convenient process of purchasing property and products to our IBOs through their respective leaders and fifty plus outlets from different cities of Pakistan.

(r) Respect deadlines:

Hopestake is striving hard to meet deadlines of it's IBOs. The one situation in which it’s permissible to not meet a deadline is when an unforeseeable issue arises. But in any situation, we are providing our IBOs with regular updates of our work.

(s) Keep up-to-date Regularly:

Hopestake always keeps it's IBOs up-to-date with every (major) step of it's roadmap

8. Retention:

Customer retention is lifeblood of Hopestake:

Hopestake attracts customers through a mix of it's exclusive, reliable and authentic products, marketing, social media, and brand strategies. Retention marketing is a new form of marketing that is becoming more and more prevalent in the ecommerce world. In short, retention marketing is:

The activities a store uses to increase the likelihood of a customer purchasing again, while focusing on increasing the profitability of each repeat purchase.

Every IBO of Hopestake is provided with an independent online account for purchasing of any one of product from Hopestake's store, where he can purchase any other product in future multiple times.

It’s no secret that retaining old customers is key to promoting sale and growth.

(a) Provide Exceptional Good customer service:-

Good customer service is a revenue generator. Customer service is at the forefront of Hopestake operations. Indeed Good Service is the foundation on which our entire organization is built. 

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. We have best customer service team that use feedback collection tools to identify the specific needs of our customer base and create personalized solutions for them.

(b) Creative and Problem Solving:

To solve customer’s problems, Hopestake have best customer service teams. They're tenacious and determined to help company's customers and to achieve their goals. They are creative and come up with unique solutions to customer issues. 

Respond to customer queries quickly

Hopestake works on the policy of quick first reply to it's customers and IBOs to attain higher customer satisfaction. Our speedy support resolutions resulted in good customer experience.

(c) Focus on Creating a Positive Customer Experience:

Hopestake and it's professionals are delivering an excellent, efficient and exceptional customer experience to it's customers and IBOs. We ensure the processes our customers go through are as seamless as possible. Customers will remember and patronize us as we treat them well.

Good customer experience fosters healthy as well as profitable relationships by prioritizing, evaluating, and improving customer sentiment.

(d) Stay in Touch:

Keeping in touch with your existing customers keeps you top of mind. We constantly reach out to our consumers through email video conference, corner team meetings, office trainings and mega training events.

(e) Extensive education about products:

Extensive Education or training of customers/ IBOs helps to engage, and retain our new and existing customers. The secret of Hopestake fast growth is it's investment on its customer’s/ IBO’s education/ training about products and business. Hopestake have a strong customer education program which have a huge impact on the business including increasing customer satisfaction. This program quickly brings customers to value and consistently updates them on the latest features and capabilities. It impart attitudes, knowledge and skills to customers. Indeed Hopestake provides multiple learning paths that are customized by role type, product needs, and depth of product knowledge. A strong customer education program can help drive improved retention and expansion rates.

(f) Friendly and Helping Environment:

Hopestake is very much concerned about providing a friendly and helping environment to its customers and IBOs.

Hopestake creates relationship with it's customers and IBOs to provide them with a friendly and helpful atmosphere. The essence of our good customer service lies in forming a relationship with customers a relationship that the individual customer feels that he would like to pursue. We primarily focus on providing timely, empathetic help that keeps customers’ needs at the forefront of every interaction.  

(g) Create customer loyalty programs:

Customer loyalty refers to the likelihood that existing customers keep coming back. In other words, how frequently customers come back for more again and again. It differs from brand loyalty.

Among marketing tools that many small businesses overlook, customer loyalty programs are one of the most common.

It is much cheaper and requires less time to get an existing customer to buy your products than new ones. Some studies suggest that it costs seven times more to get a new customer to buy from you than an existing one.

Therefore, it is important to focus on creating delighted and devoted customers. For ensuring customer’s loyalty, customer’s retention, exceeding the customer’s expectations is an important criteria for keeping customers loyal, we collect customer information and focus on expectations and needs of our customers by establishing continuous communication with them. 

(h) Quality Management System:

Hopestake has a Good quality management system which help it to enhance it’s brand and reputation, protect it against risks, increase its efficiency, boost its profits, reduce waste, and position it to keep on growing. This Quality management help us to turn our prospects into loyal customers/ IBOs. It helps us to improve our products' reliability, durability and performance.

We are continuously making efforts for improving our products, incorporating changes and eliminating defects. Quality management plays a crucial role in a company's growth and performance. It provide the information and guidelines for doing things correctly and help to achieve optimum cost efficiency and utilization of available resources. It is also a key resource in the competition for customer relationships, striving to deliver a superior experience. It ensures a clear communication structures, responsibilities and tasks across all departments.

(j) Ask for Feedback:

Hopestake have a system for collecting, analyzing, and distributing customer reviews and surveys.

Many businesses lose resources when they don’t listen to their customers. We always ask for our consumer’s opinion. We let them know how much their thoughts matter to our company. Hopestake always reach out to its consumers to find out what they need solutions for and how it can help them.

Thus, taking feedback is a crucial mechanism.

To learn about the customers’ expectations and needs. Our ongoing and interactive communication system helps us to learn about the needs, expectations and complaints of the customers. Based on the gathered customer feedback, we make changes, eliminate defects and improve our products, services, and processes.

(k) Attractive rewards:

Hopestake offers discounts and incentives to repeat customers. It provides a lot of benefits to its beloved IBOs in every aspects of business. Most of the companies totally based of sales. The people related to those companies have only concern with sales process. When they make sales for the company they get benefits incentives and commissions. Here the amazing point is that you not only get paid for the sales you make but also you will get benefits from your purchasing. Activity reward is very positive initiative in the company.

(m) Appreciation of Our Repeat Customers:

Appreciation goes a long way in retaining our existing consumers. Thanking them for choosing our brand shows we value them and appreciate their purchases. Displaying gratitude can be as simple as sending thank you notes or giving rewards such as gifts, special discounts, free products, and special offers. A shout-out to our customers on social media is also a great way to show you appreciate them.

(n) Make the customer your central focus:

The company has expanded into other products and services that all meet the consumer's needs. Invest in research and development to provide more customer satisfaction. It turns out that customers are quite willing to tell us what they want, if we ask them about it and listen them. Investment in research and development to understand the customer's needs is crucial to a customer-centric growth strategy.

You need to examine every moment your customer interacts with your company. From the storefront to the website, you need to understand what they say about their experience in your store.

(p) IBOs Training:

Our IBOs need to be trained on giving a great customer experience, because it doesn’t come naturally. They need to be trained on how to provide quick solutions for customers who are having problems with products or services.

At the end of the day, we’re simply trying to give our customers a great experience that will leave a lasting impression.

9. Product Criteria:

Hopestake offers world class products in multiple categories like, leather, households, clothes, footwear, jewelry, electronics, personal care, home care, food and property etc. There is a huge range of daily-use products that are used in every household.

(a) Risk free Products:

We selected the best value growing products for our customers. In the world of recession, our products are completely risk free from all recession and our core team is always making further betterments of our products

(b) Brand Products:

We understand that to sell a quality product you need to know what it is and use it with confidence. We leave no stone unturned to help our Independent Businesses Owners (IBOs) become product and brand ambassadors, enabling them to purchase and refer products with conviction and run their businesses effectively.

(c) Quality Products:

Hopestake continuously striving for improving product quality as it is essential for achieving long-term profitability and sales growth. We firm believe that high quality leads to best results, including high financial. It helps build trust with your customer and referrals.

We deliver what we promise

Our brands are the visual identity of our business, developing a clear and consistent brand is crucial for success.

10. Products policy:

Hopestake has well defined product policies. Hopestake has a separate planning department which is responsible for the preparation of policies and plans with regard to production to be undertaken in due course.

(a) Fair prices:

Hopestake provided consumers with an opportunity to buy a wide range of quality products at acceptable prices. Fair price boosts buying intentions of customers and increase customer’s loyalty, thus sustaining the business in the future. Hopestake provide discount on property in different attractive societies, even in a tight market. There is no concept of “top” (over charging) in real estate department of Hopestake. We offer low prices comparatively any other property agent. Irrespective of boom-and-bust curve of Real-estate, we successfully manage and control the prices of all the societies available on our panel with the help of talented and experienced team of property management professionals.

We understand our customer’s need and preferences better than most. This understanding should guide our basic business and influence our choice of new business opportunities. We need to become, and are becoming, more customer-oriented and more market- driven.

(b) Absolute quality products:

The integral part and top priority of Hopestake is the quality product or service that it provide to its customers. Quality is vital to the success of our business. Quality is the foundation of our business and is the key to keeping customers satisfied. Hopestake create and distribute high-quality goods and services to it's customers and IBOs. Delivering superior products and services is our utmost desire and objective. Our product meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations, that’s why, our products are highly demanding. Our professionals focus on engaging the customer, asking for feedback and improving functions to maintain a quality product and increase loyalty.

(c) Good Reputation:

One of the key points of Hopestake fast and tremendous growth is it's good reputation in public.

Our Good quality products has always achieve positive reviews from customers. These positive reviews of our customers on social media help and boost our business traffic and orders. Due to strong reputation for high-quality goods and services, Hopestake generates more revenue and customer traffic than it's competitive businesses and companies.

(d) Our Standards:

Hopestake has set it's own certain specific standards and develop set of quality requirements that each product or service must meet before releasing it to the customers so that uniformity is achieved in the entire set of products being manufactured. These quality standards are set such that the features and specifications offered by the product are capable to meet the implied need of the product.

Our end goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

(e) Products Management Team:

Hopestake has a talented, experienced and devoted team of Product Management who identifies the customer need and select the products after deep research and quality testing .They focus on improving product quality by identifying quality issues and make efforts to correct them as soon as possible to avoid added expenses. Keep a record of issues and corrections to avoid making similar mistakes.

Our quality products has proved their usefulness for our customers and IBOs consistently. Our products are of not only good quality but are reliable and efficient and appealing, Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value.

We have improved quality by committing to making quality a top priority at all levels in the company.

11. Baseline For Direct selling Business:

Hopestake has a dynamic baseline.

(a) Believe:

First of all, you must have required tools/ work weapon before starting any work (business) and the most important your business tool is your believe. We have to believe on ourselves than on company, and then on company's plan. You can't clear doubts of others and neither can transfer your believe in others if you have doubts in your own personality and ultimately you can't grow your business.

(b) Knowledge:

Secondly you must have best knowledge related to system and industry so that you can convey best information to all the newcomer IBOs and they can join you with full believe and trust.

(c) Target Setting:

Third tool or weapon of baseline of this business is your targets. If your targets are complete then your business is complete.

(d) Name List:

Fourth tool of your business baseline is your name list. Your work will be as much bigger as much your name list. You can't start your work without this name list and after making this name list you have to update it on daily basis then you will get best of the best results.

(e) Business Attitude:

In Hopestake business, attitude is everything that’s why we develop business attitude in all our IBOs as a baseline so that they could build their mega teams which help them to enhance their business and achieve life goals .In Hopestake you will be always surrounded with people who have a positive attitude and avoid those who are negative.

With a positive approach you will feel in control and confident and you will perform at your best, whereas a negative approach will damage confidence, harm performance, paralyze your mental skills and may also impact your health. On the other hand positive attitude not only maximizes the performance of your business, but it will also have a positive impact on other areas of your life.

i. Building Team:

Positive business attitude plays a vital role to build a big teams as you develop business relationships with people from different cultures. When you deal people, colleagues, customers and vendors with respect for their differences and for their values, you build a foundation for a future positive business relationship. At Hopestake we maintain a fun and positive work environment by developing strong personal connections and working together to build solutions. Exercising positive business attitude with customers leaves a lasting favorable impression about your business mission and vision.

If you maintain a positive attitude, this will be infectious and those around you will pick up on your positive energy. Everyone in your team will feel positive and customers will want to do business with you. This in turn will lead to you maximizing the performance of your business.

ii. Business Growth:

A positive business attitude play an important role in your business growth. According to studies by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute, success in obtaining and advancing in your profession depends 85% on your people skills and just 15% on technical knowledge. Positive business attitude also helps build your brand image so you present a professional front to prospects, customers, business partners and investors. Creating an environment that fosters and encourages mutual respect can lead to higher levels of working, business growth ultimately big achievements.

(f) Strong Work Ethics:

Work ethic is not something we are born with, it's a learned behavior. A strong work ethic is vital to a company achieving its goals.

Hopestake and it's experienced top management always remain focused in creating ability in it's IBOs to have an attitude to perform their duties with high moral standards and maintain proper workplace values.

IBOs with a strong work ethic have adopted positive habits that help them stand out in a corporate scenario. Forming good habits such as focusing, staying motivated, and finishing tasks immediately is something you can learn. It will help to create a good work ethic that will impress customers which open the success opportunities.

(g) Passion:

We make our IBOs passionate about their ideas, goals and, of course, their businesses through a systematic training programs. Whatever drives an individual to try to succeed is where his/ her passion lies, and that passion is essential to entrepreneurial life. Passion empowers you to discipline yourself, stay focused, and defer other pleasures until your dream comes true.

(h) Education:

We’re obsessed with providing world-class experiences that leave our IBOs feeling excited, confident, and appreciated. It starts with our award-winning training process and continues as each IBO progresses over time. Our leaders have frequent growth-focused conversations with each IBO, maintaining a culture of continuous learning and leading to the best IBO experience possible. Working at Hopestake provides people the opportunity to grow in skills, both professionally and as individuals.

(j) Earnings:

Ninety percent people of this industry become failure due not having a right direction or approach for the business and they don't have a clear vision and mission.

In other companies people earn money only if they have built their teams but in Hopestake you will start earning your income in the beginning when you join our company and it will good source of motivation for you to further grow your business.

Mostly people become failure due not having a right direction and right business approach. They have to face problems and hurdles.

(k) Opportunity for Others:

The business doesn't mean to earn for your living only, the ideology of our business structure is to disseminate happiness to humanity irrespective of color, cast, religion, sect & gender through all available resources.

This people-driven business offers equal opportunity to those who are willing to work hard for success. The nature of direct selling allows those in the business to reach out to others and provide them with the chance to benefit, grow, and succeed just as they have. Those who have raised themselves in the business are enabled to help mankind and touch a billion hearts.

Hopestake helping others to live better life. With the company, you not only earn for yourself but you can also help others by introducing and joining them in your team. In normal life helping others is very difficult for 9am to 5pm persons. Because duties and responsibilities are bigger than their designations. So living in a limited authorities and responsibilities everyone is struggling for their own expenditures for living, then how it can possible to help others?

The productivity mechanism of company is based on helping others when you invite and join someone in your team he/ she will be able to start his/ her own business and will be able to earn a part time income. Whenever you sponsor someone it will be blessings for them. So at Hopestake you will not only flourish your future but also helps others to achieve their dreams in life.

Even though we speak every day, most of us have never fully comprehended the power of making someone's day a little brighter. . When you believe in someone more than they believe in themselves, you begin to build their confidence. They suddenly have the courage to get up and get going. They are turned on to the psychology and technology of success and are constantly finding and sharing the best ideas with others so that they too can succeed. Successful direct sellers are those who motivate, encourage, and train their downline constantly.

Your success is found in the success of others!

By making other people’s lives better we get more than any bank account can hold.

12. Multi projects:

Hopestake is a multi-purpose, multi role and multi-project company having, planning, comprehensive control and organized structure.

(a) Property:

Property is one of the main projects of Hopestake that has been successfully delivered by the company. Hopestake has become the Pakistan's fastest growing, most reliable Real-estate Marketing Platform, with a mission to create an exclusive business platform for Real Estate. Currently Hopestake is working as a broker with more than forty property societies and very soon Hopestake is going to launch it's own first property project. Our mission is to make Pakistani real estate accessible and convenient for everyone.

Our aim is to provide best residential and commercial lands with ultimate investment opportunities. It has the largest and most visited collection of property listings, catering to many cities in the country. Hopestake is offering all kinds of residential and commercial plots for sale in different societies at different cities. These plots can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installment.

Hopestake has maintained high level of standard in every aspect while bringing any property project on its panel. Following are the feature of interest of Hopestake in property projects.

i. We are aimed to provide reasonable residences for people of every class and income.

ii. We seeks to deliver quality residential project luxury living experience with all other necessaries of life

iii. We try to search and bring unique designs, aesthetical and state of the art architecture.

iv. Our interest is to introduce mega project with modern infrastructure and well-equipped facilities.

v. We are aimed to provide superior residence, comprehensive project with the ideal combination of a central location, appealing aesthetics, and a wide range of consumer-driven facilities.

vi. Hopestake is introducing sustainable future by making most out of latest technology.

vii. We used modern planning, select top location and provide all faculties.

viii. Nice scenery, clean atmosphere, well designed structure is our first priority.

ix. Our most of the property projects are on excellent location providing first-class facilities with calm and dreamy lifestyle.

x. Hopestake aims to set benchmark in the real estate sector. It combines modernist architecture with all the necessary living facilities are keenly concentrated.

Let's make it an ideal investment with Hopestake (Pvt) Ltd.

(b) Crossover Market, Merchants & Multiple Brands of Hopestake:

Looking at road map of Hopestake, we come to know that company has 6 different phases at Tier-1 to complete her projects and Crossover Market is its fifth phase which is obvious from its name cross over market. It is the most awaited phase of the company. In this phase company will bring exciting new product and experiences to life globally which include all the projects of first part, merchants, globally launching, my shops, Hopestake's own brands, making Hopestake system user friendly, growth of profit and putting other projects in pipeline for completion.

(c) Hope Services App:

As always, services app is also one of the innovative idea of Hopestake. Basically services app will act as digital control headquarter for all the projects of Hopestake. All the IBOs will control their businesses, investments and projects independently through this one app.

All the in/ out transactions and financial matters of all the investments, projects, property, houses, transports projects, towers, big stores, my shop, merchants, housing societies, banking, educational projects, property exchange, and all future projects will be control through this app .Any IBO can trade on their investment in all the projects of Hopestake by using Hope service app independently on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

(d) Hoperks (Surprise points, Property Exchange):

Hoperks are the Surprising points of Hopestake which will be used for system related transactions. Hopestake is multi projects company ,that’s why all the projects will be dealt at a common single platform for which it is necessary to have a common mechanism which could be used for all the projects and give benefits to all Hopestake members on common rate in all the projects and places. Hopestake will take side by side new life style with new era.

(e) Investment Pool:

Hopestake has countless mega projects for which excessive financial resources are required and to accomplish these financial resources. First of all, company offers it’s IBO's that if they want to make investment from their earned money than they could yield huge revenue from the profit of company by investing their amount in the projects of company. Secondly company completes her projects by investing her own money. And at third, company add amount in projects from her investors or investment members. In all these projects IBOs and investors can deposit and withdraw their amount as they wish.

(f) Hope Big Stores:

World is making progress very rapidly in every walk of life and a man can get all necessaries of life on an online order and such big malls and supermarkets have been growing in number as the demand rising for a convenient where you can get all the things under one roof in an easy and better way. Hopestake’s mission is to bring such stores with every lifestyle item including all the customer services and with branches in most of the cities of Pakistan for her members/ IBOs where Hopestake's members will get all the necessary things of quality stuff under one roof with reasonable prices in the airy, relaxing and pleasant environment and will do business by referring it to their team members. We will offer all-natural spices with a fine standard, neat and clean pulses with the perfect wrap-up and best manufacturer of long rice grain with double polishing. The main thing that will attract our customers and IBOs is the fresh products and pleasant ambience of the place which will enhance the shopping experience. 

(g) Hope Debit Cards:

Future project, could be launched if and when approved by Govt. authorities.

(h) Hope Houses & Housing Societies:

Real-estate keep position as a special product and best projects of company are in property. Besides this, company’s own projects comprise houses and housing societies. These both are public projects and anybody can purchase and sell these projects. However, IBO who receive their home as rank rewards, can’t sale those homes till five years. Company’s own luxurious houses would be of 7-star standard and societies will be in accordance with the latest living standards and facilities.

(j) Education:

Direct selling platform is that platform which is sufficient to make an ordinary man a perfect man. It will be absolutely right if we say that direct selling is a highly effective positive university. In America direct selling proved to be the most effective platform as compared to common education system as direct sellers are better educated than the average American. In this regard figures are:

Direct sellers;

College graduates: 52%

College school graduates: 99%


Average American;

College graduates: 28%

College school graduates: 84%.


Every newcomer, in this industry's environment automatically become a better and talented man by going through a learning process and company teach and train her IBOs by systematically making it an education system so that not only they themselves but the people whom they bring in this system could be given not only a dynamic business but also become a better human by them. There are different kinds of training which are delivered in Hopestake to it's IBOs like entrepreneurship, how to become a businessman, how to manage team, how to sale, financial management, property selling, personal development etc. There are countless training programs like network-101 which is comprised of 101 trainings, like supervision which include 10 trainings and Company make it's IBOs best business man by conducting training courses of 3, 6 and 9 months after making groups of super fifty (50) at different cities outlets.

(k) Hope Hotels and resorts:

Hopestake is going to take concrete steps to plan the best approach to starting its own hotel and resort business. It is one of the Hopestake's 11 projects in which chain of Hotels and resorts will be established not only on national level but also on international level people will be benefited from it.

People can make investments here like in other projects and can get ownership. In the first phase company intend to build 50 Hotels and resorts in the northern areas. For which, first of all Hopestake's IBOs will be given chance to invest, secondly payment will be collected from investment pool and on third step Hopestake will manage it's own investments. One thing should be remember that all projects are smart projects where you will get instant rewards and profit upon your investment will be transferred in your account.

(m) Hope Banking:

Future project, could be launched if and when approved by Govt. authorities.

(n) My Shop:

As per new era, trend of business is increasing and everyone is searching new ways of business with the help of internet. People have find out millions and billions worth of earning way's with the of internet and providing products and services in all over the world in a easy way. Similarly Hopestake also provide opportunity to all IBOs that if anybody has an idea or product that he can share his idea and product with Hopestake. Company will give him full rights to show his products on the website of Hopestake and all the IBOs of the company will together market those products.

(p) Hope Towers:

The way like company created business opportunities for it's best IBOs, similarly it provides financial training and investment opportunities in right places for it's IBOs to spent and invest their earned money. That’s why, to build best towers of its own custom and at its own choice places is the part of Hopestake projects, in which investment will be provided for Hopestake's own IBOs .In this way , Hopestake IBOs will move towards corporate life by making their earnings a best investment of the world.

13. Fraud Protection:

(a) Definition:

FRAUD or scam is actually a term which is used against deceiving someone else (person or a group of people) by any false offer/ promise. From the last two decades in direct selling industry, scams are at its peak too.

(b) Market Research:

Good people always exist in any system, society, firm or industry. Similarly, bad people also exist in our industry (direct selling) who make big losses of people for their own little benefits

So called Direct Selling Companies being formed without a solid financial structure and corporate governance behind them. Most of those companies fall down because they were not built on solid foundations of trust, integrity and quality. A majority of the direct sellers engage in hype, deceptive, dishonest and unethical practices which causes bad representative in the market for the businesses, and makes it more difficult for honest people in the system. This industry is not too much old that’s why there are no proper laws and policies are made for this industry. There are not only immense benefits of this business but also people make losses of themselves. That’s why people are afraid from this world’s fastest growing industry. Most people who join legitimate Direct Selling programs make little or no money. People may actually lose money. Some may become involved in an illegal pyramid scheme and not realize that they have joined a fraudulent venture, and can lose everything they invest. Do your research and ask around before diving.

Businesses like Amazon, and online channels of big retailers are giving a run for the money for established direct selling companies by offering better or similar quality products at lower prices and free shipping costs. So what may have worked at one time for the direct selling companies no longer applies.

In these circumstances, the Hopestake encourages the highest level of ethics in business practice to promote and preserve the right to own, use, exchange, and transfer real property and other household products. We developed this platform according to our valuable customer’s dream where risk level is zero and we can ensure you that all your investments are completely risk free. We offer the young and energetic IBOs an opportunity to earn an income entirely through their own creative efforts. With the Hopestake, the product quality, price, distribution, shipping costs, commissions are all decided by the company.

It's mandatory that all the IBOs within the Company should know ethical standards, understand why it’s important and abide by them. We always make sure that IBOs avoid discrimination in real estate transactions as well as any act of misrepresentation, exaggeration, or intentional act of deception, also known as fraud. Unethical practice is strongly prohibited by company in all aspects of real estate practice, including advertising, property disclosure, listing agreements, inducements, the holding of earnest money, and contract facilitation. This is the right time to come and join this wonderful platform and restrict all scams and make your family future bright with us.

Responsibilities of up to 90% matters lies on companies and IBOs are responsible for rest of 10% matters. Hopestake has fulfilled her 90% excellently, as providing products on fair prices, delivering 100% useable and beneficial products, taking responsibility of it's own products, providing happy return policy , easy business which everybody can do, providing easy earning and a wide range of products where everything is accessible, no investment your business will start with a little purchasing. If we work on real products and real system then take this industry to the rise of success.

We will try to explain you with an example related to economy.


Mr. A (Person or Firm) has an investment/ marketing plan which seems very real. Mr. A presents this plan to Mr. B and he becomes convinced and go with it by joining Mr. A and it’s all terms and conditions. But Mr. A leaves the track after this happening. Actually revealed plan and product was different from the actual one. So Mr. B has to move with it or finally has to wait for the destruction of his time and money.

This is actually what is happening in the everyday market or business by many of the persons or organizations.

Internet Enrolment:

Now this example becomes more complex when it is involved through internet. Because Mr. B never actually met Mr. A and commonly he is far away from that. So Mr. A has full control over conditions. Mr. B can only wait and watch because of above mentioned facts.

There are thousands of companies related to Internet businesses. Most famous platforms of these companies are under named:

Data Entry

Captcha Coding


Facebook pages administration

Ad pasting

Free Lancer Services

Forex Trading


Network Marketing

Web Developing

HYIPS & etc.

Each field has different criteria for Mr. B to deal with. Every one of these fields has thousands of business stations in each continent. All are, of course, not deceiving Mr. B type sides but the ratio of real ones is very small. There are certainly some advantages and disadvantages when we deal with Internet Business Stations:


i. Quick transactions.

ii. Communication is fast.


i. Mostly NO or extremely rare physical interaction.

ii. Only server location is determined, not of company or organization.

iii. Couldn’t be claimed.

iv. Products are not as per market value.

We (Hopestake) have tried our best to prove you in best of the best way to understand scams and our business difference. In case of anything unclear you may contact our any Corporate Ourlet or set meeting with our concerned Management Department through our Contact Us page.

What is Hopestake & Why ?

We truly believe in the positive approach and best of the world business deals (especially for Pakistanis all over the world) and we will prove it to you. Because we have taken under mentioned steps in our business:

Effect of Our Way:

i. We believe in relaxed mind working and a satisfied customer so at the joining of Mr. B, we provide everyone with full market value product to help him remain stress-free about his very first payment.

ii. We are a registered as an Affiliate company from the SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN. Anyone can visit homepage of Hopestake for confirmation by clicking the link of SECP.

iii. Hopestake is owner of Physical biggest Corporate Outlets network of the country in the near future. So meetings and communication can be made every day. Same network and also the admin itself will take care of day to day and even hour to hour transactions.

iv. Hopestake has a great property/ land project in different societies of Pakistan. In which company deal in all property projects like plot sale and purchase house selling etc.

v. Each and every product is absolutely guaranteed till to in the hands of Mr. B (anyone) in good condition with free national level delivery facility as we take all kinds of claims.


Shop with Us:


We are winning the trust of many customers from all over Pakistan by our Exclusive brands and also the combination of famous multinationals brands with high quality and standards.



Every day is different at Hopestake. We bring you new products all the time, including special offers and promotion programs. Our special offers are special low price for specific time period .and promotions, depends on achieving defined sales target.



At Hopestake we know our stuff. That's why our customers trust us to give them the right information on everything about opportunity. Our host presenters and experts will tell you which product package is right for you at the time of your joining and which isn’t. So making a purchase could be easier.



Whether you're sitting in the comfort of your home or on the go, Hopestake is always within easy reach. You can watch and shop online, or via our iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, it's easy to shop with us.



That's right; a lot of Regular Customers have shopped and continue to shop with us. What's the secret to our success? The clue is in the title – “A Big Earning Opportunity, Flexible working plan, Quality, Value, and Convenience”. Everyone can easily start his business and can grow day by day. We also provide fantastic quality products that are of great value and you can shop via phone, online, whatever is convenient to you.

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