Eco Mac Bath Cleaners 475ml (HCP-629)

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(HCP-629) Our chemical products are designed/ formulated and prepared by highly skilled professionals. We use water based chemicalization process for production. All products are designed/ formulated for sophisticated and smart use. At Hopestake, we put out all our efforts to design and develop magnificent and high-quality chemical goods.

Eco Product Process & Cost Ratio Estimation

We are keen to provide quality products through finest way of processing of raw material.  Our eco products are being prepared & processed through water based chemicalizations process. Our primary goals are to develop through manufacture ecofriendly indigenous cleaning technology that are safe for people and the environment. The cleaning technologies are designed and developed in the USA and manufactured for the local market in Pakistan. To help you care for your home and family, our manufacturer uses a rigorous safety process involving selecting eco-friendly ingredients and testing products based on world-class standards. According to Environment Protection Agency of United State America EPA (USA) all ingredients are:

Safe for the consumer use.

Proprietary mixture of organic and inorganic acid (diluted).

Proprietary surfactants.

For general cost ratio estimation follow the table appended below:

Material utilization                        70%.

Craftsman ship                              20%.

Overheads & business sharing      10%

We follow the highest standards and merits for the productions of all our chemical products.  Our eco Mac consumed approximately 475ml liquid etc. in manufacturing.

Eco- Mac (Bath Cleaner) Characteristics

Environment friendly (Eco-friendly).

Water based chemistry/ formulization, biodegradable properties.

Non-hazardous, Non-flammable and odorless.

Solvent evaporates at more than 110 0C.

Ready to use and pre diluted, no mixing is required.     

Hope Caring Instructions/ Use

To preserve/ use your chemicals products, Hopestake suggests the following simple guidelines:

Store the liquid heavy duty limescale cleaner in a cool & dry place.

Extreme temperatures/ direct sunlight can affect the effectiveness of the product.

Always make sure to tightly close the cap/ lid after each use.

Use an adequate amount of liquid heavy duty limescale cleaner on targeted place.

Quickly dissolves and removes tough calcium and lime deposits, hard water spots, oily residue, & tough sludge.

The multi-purpose cleaner is best for: Commodes, wash basins, bath room tiles, sanitary fittings, auto radiators, air conditioners and other water feed systems.

Eco-Mac is heavy-duty scale remover that effectively:

Dissolves water-scales.

Rust, tough scale-stains.

Grease and dirt without the harmful effects.

Eco-Mac is designed to clean:


Wash basin, commodes/ WCs

Bathroom tiles

Water-scale-stained floor.

Water-scaled and rusted metals and machinery.

Chocked water pipes

All sanitary fitting.

Application Procedure

Spray Eco-Mac® on the cleaning area and leave 3-5 minutes.

Rub with a nylon brush.

Rinse off the residual of Eco-Mac and sullage with fresh-water.


For the safety and prevention of you and yours love ones, Hopestake suggests the following simple guidelines:

Keep the liquid heavy duty limescale cleaner out of reach of children.

Corrosive for eyes and skin.

Wear eye protection and gloves for use/ handling.

Wash contaminated body parts thoroughly with water. 

Take care not to mix different brands or types of heavy duty limescale cleaner liquids together. Some products may have different chemical compositions that can react adversely when combined.

It may cause of Irritating to respiratory system.

inhalation of vapors and mists produces nose throat, and laryngeal burning and irritation.

Use it carefully in a ventilated area, protect eyes and skin.

Note: Do not use on marble or natural stone

Technical Specification

Bottle Size 254mm x 89mm.

01 x Bottle.

01 x Suction pump (as lid and spray).

03 x Pump function (Off, Spray, Jet)

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Special Note - Color Variations

We try our best to ensure that all color samples shown on our website are as close as possible to the actual product. However, there may be some difference in the shades due to minor variations because colors seen by the customer vary from screen to screen due to the screen resolutions and/ or pixels.

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