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Shoes Medicated (HDS-005); Our leather products are purely handmade which are designed and prepared by highly skilled professionals. We use pure, soft and smooth leather for production. All products are designed for elegant and smart look. At Hopestake, we put out all our efforts to design and develop luxurious and high-quality leather goods. Handmade products have imperfections, almost all work is done by two hands and with many repetitive motions. In this process, handcrafted products sometime have imperfections, such as:-

  • Wrinkle on leather base.
  • Irregularities in colour.
  • Irregularities in grains/texture.

Above are not deficiencies/flaws, instead show the genuineness of the leather.

Leather Process & Cost Ratio Estimation

 We are keen to provide quality products through finest way of processing of raw material.  Our leather is being prepared & processed through Chrome free / aldehyde tanning process in which an organic compound which contains the group of CHO, formed by the oxidation of alcohols. It includes methanal (formaldehyde) and ethanal (acetaldehyde). We used top brands chemicals i.e. biocides, lime, sodium bicarbonate & hydrosulphide, magnesium oxide, sodium fungicide and many more. Special finishing and polishing are carried out by acrylic resins, Polyurethane resins with Nitrocellulose lacquers & Polyurethane lacquers for attractive look.          

For general cost ratio estimation follow the table appended below:

  • Material utilization 60%.
  • Craftsman ship 20%.
  • Overheads & business sharing 20%

Leather is produces from animal hides and has three main layers which are:

  • Full Grain leather (trading @ 850/Sq ft approx.)
  • Top grain leather (trading @ 500/Sq ft approx.)
  • Genuine & suede leather. (trading @ 300/Sq ft approx.)

We used Top grain leather for the productions of all our leather goods.  Our leather Shoes (Medicated) consumed approximately 4 Sq ft leather in manufacturing.

Hope Dress Shoes Leather, Insole & Sole Characteristics;


We use the top-notch quality of cow leather (cowhide) in the production process of our own brand dress shoes by our craftsmen.  Some of our leather characteristics are:

  • High tensile strength.
  • High resistance to tear, puncturing and flex crack.
  • Good heat insulation / fire resistant.
  • Heat retainable.
  • Breathability and moldability.
  • Water vapour permeability.
  • Thermostatic properties
  • Resistant to wet and dry abrasion.
  • Resistant to fungi.
  • Resistant to chemical attack.


We have produced the finest quality insole of polyurethane material with the fixing of Seven Magnets to stimulates the relevant acupuncturing points through magnetic field which are:

  • Sciatic Nerve
  • Small Intestine
  • Stomach
  • Kidney
  • Pancreas
  • Adrenal gland
  • Neck & Thyroid

This special medicated insole also provides gentle massage to feet through built-in spikes.


We have produced the finest quality sole of synthetic rubber which is comparative to the European standards. Some of our sole characteristics are:

  • High tensile strength.
  • High resistance to tear & puncturing and flex crack.
  • Good heat insulation / fire resistant.
  • Anti-skid properties.
  • Abrasion ratio is 250mm3
  • Flex at 45000.
  • Hardness 750

We used the premium quality of adhesive for combination of leather top and sole. That’s why, we will accept six months claim of remedy.

Hope Caring Instructions;

To preserve your leather shoes/accessories, Hopestake suggests the following simple guidelines:

  • keep your leather shoes out of direct sunlight/ sources of heat.
  • Avoid direct contact with alcohol-based products.
  • Never place sharp edge metal in box to avoid cut/ deterioration.
  • Use shoe card provided with the product, when not in use.  It will help to maintain the original shape.
  • Never use water to wash your leather shoes, use shoe shiner instead.
  • Keep leather shoes secure from dust to maintain shine and appearance when not in use.
  • Leather shoes requires proper polishing to enhances the product life and keeps it blossoms.
  • Never wash the gold plated or metal accessories with chemical or wire brush.

Technical Specification

Shoe Sizes 39,40,41,42,43,44,45

  • 01 x Shoe Shiner 90mm x 60mm
  • 01 x Shoehorn 85mm x 40mm


On the purchase of this product, the company gives you a 5-year free-of-cost insurance, within which you have the opportunity to return your used product and get a new product in lieu from the Hopestake.
To avail this facility, the following terms and conditions have to be fulfilled by you:

  • All applicable government taxes including GST @ 17% (unless the %age is changed by the government) are to be paid.
  • Service charges applicable to this product must be paid.
  • You can take other design of this products from the same family as your product's family. 
  • If the price of the product has changed at the time of insurance claim, the price difference has to be paid.
  • The packaging and other accessories of this product will not be provided with the product issued against this insurance, only the new product will be issued.

Bonuses & Rewards

Introducer Bonus 05% 500/- 

Introducer Plus 2.5% 250/-

Token Money/ Biyana (Payback) 00

Hoperks Gift 05/-

Token money or leverage is valid for 6 months, if you don't use it to purchase of your own product or make sales from your referral, it will expire.

Wallets, Charges & Deductions

Network Wallet 3000/-  Block Wallet  4899/-  Purchase Wallet 2100/-

Delivery Charges 000/-

Services Charges 150/-

The detail of the remaining 9 commissions is available in the system.

Special Note - Color Variations

We try our best to ensure that all color samples shown on our website are as close as possible to the actual product. However, there may be some difference in the leather shades due to minor variations as leather is a natural product or because colors seen by the customer vary from screen to screen due to the screen resolutions and/ or pixels.

Hope Values :
Product SV 9.2
Product PV 9
Product CV 10
HopePerks 5
Service Charges 150
Other Charges 0
Price Comparison :
Intarnational Market
Hope 80000
Other Brands 95000
Pakistan Market
Hope 9999
Other Brands 16000
Quality Comparison :
Price / Services
Hope Fair Price
Other Brands High
Hope Yes
Other Brands No
Likeability :
Rate *****
Quality 100%
Values 100%
Rankings 100%
Reward 100%
Services 100%
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